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Seek and Ye Shall Find


Seek and ye shall find;
knock and the door shall be open;
ask and it shall be given
and the love come a trickling down.

That was one of my favorite childhood songs was from a decrepit album of my sisters called The Womenfolk. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of them. No one’s heard of them. Incredibly, though, I found the song by them on YouTube. It was an old album and it appealed to my five year old sensibilities with some nonsense songs sprinkled in with traditional folk songs. I played it over and over until it was worn out. Despite its religious theme, it still appeals to me and when I find myself feeling impatient and frustrated, I will still sing the chorus to remind myself that patience is virtue worth holding onto hard and fast. Certainly a good theme song for hunts.

Since it was from a hunt, I decided to shoot at Hide and Seek. It’s a lovely sim, though I had to turn my music off because every step seems to put me in a different music parcel. It was very weird musically.


A few years ago, Gidge and I did a couple hunts of 100 stores or so. Funny thing, though, I never unpacked the items and they sat in a folder in my inventory reminding me that hunts are not for me. There’s a couple reasons for this. Once the hunt is over, I don’t want to blog the items since I try to avoid blogging things that readers won’t be able to get for themselves if they wish. I make a few exceptions for some gloves and leggings that I will hold onto forever. People don’t just read today’s post, but half the views each day are from posts from long ago and far away. The second reason is that events are so very well covered in the blogs. There are several blogs that focus heavily on sales and hunts such as The SL Circadian, Seraphim,  and Shopping Cart Disco. But then I saw this jacket!
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Oooo I Want You, I Don't Know If I Need You

…but OOO I’d Die to Find out.

I’m the kinda person who endorses a deep commitment
Getting comfy getting perfect is what I live for
but a look and then a smell of perfume
it’s like I’m down on the floor
and I don’t know what I’m in for Continue reading