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Hey, can I borrow your store for a minute?

I have been frantically updating the blogroll. You see it over there on the right? It’s so much shorter now because I have shifted the links to Blogging Second Life, a companion site to It’s Only Fashion. This will make our blog load more quickly while still making sure all the links are available if you need them. It also allows me to provide more useful information, such as the name behind the blog, the store, and marketplace links. If I knew how to integrate two themes on one site, I would have kept it right here, but that’s above my pay grade. I hope you check it out and add missing information in the comments there.

While working on this project, more than once I came upon a store blog that required an in-world visit to complete the information. One such was MMGrafitti’s store blog. It’s possible all the information is on his blog, but it’s in Japanese and even Google Translate cannot answer every question.  I am happy I checked it out, though, because it was such a fun home and decor store that I had to shoot some pictures there. Seriously, when it’s time to shoot some photos in the snow, I am definitely taking pictures at the snow cabin. It has footprints in the snow on the porch!!!


The weather has turned colder in real life and that has me reaching for warmth in Second Life. How silly is that? Still, any excuse to wear this marvelous fur from Baiastice. Sissy Pessoa has release two new jackets in four different furs. This is the short black fur and while she may have squeezed and skinned some pixels, no animals were harmed. I am wearing it over a magnificent blue python dress from R.icielli released for Modavia Fashion Week. I love the blue color and its overall look and don’t mind the seams not lining up as it makes it seem like python skin rather than a python-print fabric. The dress comes with shoes and earrings and that magnificent belt.

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New York Origami


I love the Designers United events. By focusing designers on a single inspiration, not only do they let us see an idea reimagined in many ways, they also often force designers out of their comfort zones into a new way of thinking about design. DU 19 was an extension of the DU 4 event focused on Narcissus and designers shared creations inspired by some of the alternate choices for inspiration for DU4: metamorphisis, 60s space age or origami. This dress is Anya Ohmai’s creation based on origami and gives us a new iteration of the paper dress.


I shot it at Rez on the land down below the landing point which is on an island anchored by the chain you see in the photo. If you walk to the edge of the island and let yourself fall, you will find yourself down at this very modern Stonehenge.


You can see a more complete picture of Rez here. The landing point is on the island above.
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I swear I am like a magpie sometimes. Flash some bright color my way and I am there! That certainly is how the Landa dress from Anubis caught my eye. I was walking through the boutique stalls at Modavia Fashion Week and a splash of lime caught my eye. Then it dragged me over and made me buy this dress. After being forced to buy the dress by a color, it’s a good thing I like it! The sweater details over the lime top are spot on.
I decided to hang out at the record shop and show it off. It’s an ideal dress for music and dancing, so the record shop at Virtual Decay made sense to me.
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