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When the World Has a Broken Heart

Offshore Oil Rig in the ANWR sim of Second Life.

I have found myself fast-forwarding or muting the coverage of the British Petroleum oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico because if I see those pictures of dead fish, dying birds and a mortally wounded eco-system I start to cry.  I am not alone, many people are unable to watch without falling into despair. Usually in a disaster, people react with urgency and energy – full of things to do to help, but this time we are in over our heads – literally and metaphorically. We are dependent on the expertise and equipment of unreliable people – a company with a proven record of lying to us and to the government.  Even the best experts in the field don’t know how to fix it quickly and so we watch this strangling of our southern shores with helplessness and broken hearts. It is our helplessness that makes us despair and for our own spirits we must find things we can do to help. That’s why I am excited about Operation Squeegee.

In addition to changes to the regulations that govern off-shore drilling, stronger and more active oversight, development of clean-up and disaster expertise within the government and prioritizing alternative energy sources and conservation, we can support with the sisyphean efforts to cleanup and restore wetlands. Many SL merchants will be participating and events are being planned.  For more information, go to the Operation Squeegee website.

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Not Quite as Big Hair

Well, Gidge beat me in the Big Hair Olympics – but I think this is a contender.  It’s a style I love from Detour and is called Torrid – a good name because it does seem to just scream torrid, doesn’t it? I like it because it’s full enough and curly enough that it obscures some intersections that inevitably happen and it’s just plain sexy. With it I am wearing a great little top/dress I picked up at the Clothing Fair from Morea Style.

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The Attitude of the Future

Magnifico Exclusive is new to me. Finding new stores is one of the great benefits of exhibitions like The Future is Now and I think this was a great find.  I  think it projects a strong attitude that had me reaching for the pack of Attitude poses from Studio Sidhe.

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Black and Blue on Fancy Friday

posted by Gidge Uriza

Wearable art is something that we all like to dream about wearing. Well, some of us. The ones without real goals or actual responsibilities.

I like to pretend I am one of those people, therefore I stand by my first statement.

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Royal Blue ♦ Suzie Blue

Ben Harper is one of my favorite singer/songwriters. It’s a joy to listen to him explore all sorts of musical roots and genres as he seeks a good song – which he once said was really what it is all about – a good emotional song.  I was listening to him this morning and had hit the ITunes Genius button and the Genius decided to play “If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again” Oh yeah, that was an emotional song. Thirty minutes and three hankies later, I can finish posting this great separates from the new Royal Blue Collection which will be released on the 13th and share a more cheerful  Ben Harper song. Okay, it doesnt’ start out cheerful, but it gets there.

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