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!OHMai It’s Bedtime

I took a walk around the LOVE DONNA FLORA sim last night and stumbled into Anya Ohmai’s booth where she is selling these adorable bunnies to snuggle.

It’s so cute, you can change the buttons, the flag or the color of the whole bunny. And it’s perfect for night time snugglies. Continue reading

7 Facts or Opinions

Seven Facts? Sure.


I wasn’t much in the mood to do the Seven Facts Meme but, I couldn’t think of anything else to say, so let’s see:

  1. Gidge is my first avatar. I’ve said it before but some of you might be new, Gidge is also my RL nickname. I didn’t realize I was supposed to be creating an alternate person.  I’ve been told recently that the fact that I’m so just “myself” in world that it’s off putting to people living their fantasy on the grid.  I think that’s why I spend most of my time alone lately. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day With Crochet Dresses and Bacon

Valentine_003Sophie and I would like to cordially invite you all over to our skybox on our friend Tristan’s land to enjoy some lovely bacon roses and chocolate fondue. This seems like an appropriate breakfast to me, so I do hope you’ll join us. Continue reading

A Sense of Poise and Rationality

Poise_010I was musing over my new pet peeve this morning as I lounged around in my comfy jammies.


There are lots of forms of it on the internets, but this one is getting to me. Someone will blog or post on FLICKR “hey I’m going to be gone” only to be met hither and yon with “no one cares.” Continue reading

Take Off

Hitting The Road


Hitting the road to head out of town is both an exciting adventure and a hassle. I love to travel, I hate to leave. Generally there is nothing for it but to plunge ahead and be pretty. I find that gets me through most things. Continue reading