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Too Much To Do


I am wearing a lovely dress from Girl Tuesday, a new clothing store. White the white yoke and accompanying black tie remain the same, the main part of the dress comes in several colors. I like the lines and the design sensibility. The tie that came with it is not for me, it lays too straight to look natural, so I opted to wear it without the tie. The dress comes with both a tie and no/tie option though I think the no/tie option is supposed to be worn with the prim tie. No matter, I decided to add a scarf. I also added a jacket because “Baby, it’s cold outside” – far too cold for sleeveless.

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And so it goes…

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 8.56.41 AM

Well, my computer went wonky this morning. Each photo I shot crashed my entire laptop and turned my screen to a jumbled mess of multi colored pixels, so it is off for repairs. Fast repairs, I hope.

Meanwhile, I got a couple snaps of this outfit that features a gorgeous sleeveless top with gorgeous collar points on the collar. The folder comes with your choice of gold or silver collar points (or tips). I chose silver because the belt on the pants is silver, too. Collar points are more common in menswear, in particular Western style clothing. At one time no self-respecting country singer would be found without collar points.

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