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Paper Couture Challenge #2

Gypsy Silk by Paper Couture

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

When I learned that Free Spirit’s hair was free, I tp’ed over to take a look and found this striking angular cut hair – sleek and contemporary and oh-so-chic. Wanting to wear this hair, i decided to build my outfit around the hair – exactly backward from the way I usually think about what to wear.

I immediately thought of the fabulously sleek Paper Couture ball gown Gypsy Silk, but the formal gown was too dressy for traipsing around the grid – particularly as i was in an exploring mood — and that train would have gotten caught on the rose bushes. But darn it, I wanted to wear that top…see the rich textures and details and how sleek and slim-lined it looks – so perfect with that hair. Then there are those gorgeous puffy sleeves – that miraculously look right in pose after pose.

I added Kraftika’s #112 which is fast becoming my favorite set of necklace and earrings and the nice silver bracelet from +plus..and i was set if you didn’t look below my waist. <grin>

And then i began putting on pair after pair after pair of black and grey pants trying to find the perfect ones. I wanted smooth, tight and sleek pants, no bells, no wrinkles, no big zippers and seams. Before i got completely frustrated i remembered the cigarette pants from Ingenue and sure enough, they were perfect. To complete the them of sleek and chic, the well-crafted Florence boots were an absolute must.

So, here it is – a look based on a hair style – and another example of using Paper Couture’s lovely clothing in new ways – refuting the criticism that their clothes are not practical once more.

You can see more photos of the outfit @ the Gypsy Silk set on my Flickr page

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