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Mixing Things Up in Both Lives


I should probably not be surprised how much my Second Life® taste reflect my first life taste, but I am. It is most noticeable in my home decor which in both lives is a mix of neutrals and brights and modern, retro and industrial. For example, my desk and bookcases are a bold industrial chic combination of steel and red laminate, my couch a modern neutral sage, my art a mix of 19th century graphs and photos with modern abstract prints and retro posters. It should not work, but it does. I think the same happens in-word with the bright colors of the retro plates and modern prints and the neutral table and industrial chandelier. In clothing, I have more than one bold Pucci-inspired print.
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Why We Love Donna Flora


I know why I love Squinternet Larnia. I love her because whenever I found a sim that was cool and I wanted to share it with someone, she dropped everything to come look. I love her because she was always ready to come dancing or exploring. I love her because she always asked how I was doing and wanted an honest answer, not a glib okay. I love her because she is funny, quirky and stubborn. I am really counting on that stubborn nature now.

But why do we love Donna Flora? I suppose it could be because she is a generous and charitable creator who was there with her support for every event and charity that asked.  I suppose it could be longevity. It could be her skill, the ability to make things that look and fit well. However, I think it’s more to do with how her wild and creative designs speak to our hearts. Seriously, if you told me there was a dress with pink satin, black tulle covered with giant pink peonies and big, gold flowers, I would roll my eyes and laugh at the idea. But then, take a look at this dress. It is exactly that and should be a hot mess of kitsch and instead it a hot melange of romance and glamour. It is pure genius. And with genius, we have two choices, love it or hate it? And we love it.

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Curio: Party Girl Celebration and Settlement Frustration


Dress by Leverocci

Like many other fashionistas who have long enjoyed and appreciated Gala Phoenix’s skins, I was thrilled to read that a settlement had been reached and Curio’s doors are open once again. To celebrate, Gala released an entire pack of her skins, with all the makeups and all the tones, to her in-world group. What a generous gift, especially in celebration of what must have been a very frustrating process. I think many people are feeling frustrated. I know I have mixed emotions. My celebration that Curio has returned to the grid is tempered by the very real disappointment that the settlement precludes the storybook verdict and vindication that all the courtroom dramas promise us.

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The Christmas Sweater


Kauna has Christmas Sweaters for men and women in all the holiday shades and patterns at faMESHed. Everyone needs a Christmas Sweater for holiday pictures, parties and holiday cheer.

Until glaucoma took away her ability to see the details, my mother knit a sweater for me every Christmas. I can remember most of them. My least favorite was a traditional Scandinavian pullover in red, white and blue she made for me when I was in 3rd grade, even then my color palette was subtler than that. My favorite was a longer tunic sweater she knit in a dark sienna with a Scandinavian knit border print from hip to mid thigh with sienna, pumpkin, cream and dark forest green. One of the most stunning was one she knit of variegated yarn that through serendipity happened to have the exact number of stitches so the yarn formed a gorgeous argyle plaid pattern on the front panel. She knit a gorgeous lacy shell one year that was so soft and made with such fine yarn I could squeeze it into a ball in one hand. The last one she made before her vision dimmed permanently was a soft dove gray, seashell pink and white Scandinavian cardigan with silver buttons. I loved my sweaters and their loss is one of the harder losses from our house fire.

That’s why I dislike the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” trope. How can a sweater made with love ever be ugly?

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Adore & Abhor


I always get a kick out of Adore & Abhor’s store name. It’s a clever euphonious riff on Love & Hate using assonance to make our ears smile. I am excited to see that Adore & Abhor are moving into mesh creation with this dress named Svelte, their first mesh dress that they developed for Cinema! the extravagant fashion showcase. The deep red with the contrasting darts is graphically bold and the cutaway bodice is sexy while holding everything in place.

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What to Wear When It’s 49°


E! That’s what I am wearing. My sweater and skirt are from E! Well, not really, but every time I wear clothing from Eclectic Apparel, I have to double check the name because I forget the real name and think of it as E! I mention this because I bet I am not the only one, so dear readers, please remember that E! stands for Eclectic Apparel so you can remind me next time. The funny think is I always remember Eclectic as the E! is there to remind me, but then I am stuck for Eclectic What. It’s a short list of options, but I always run through them. I won’t list them since that only will reinforce my mixed up memory.

There’s nothing mixed up, though, about the Eclectic Apparel sweater and skirt that were recently released for the October FaMESHed showcase. Just in time for the nippy weather, here’s a gorgeous heavy knit sweater with a high neck and long sleeves and an adorable wool pleated skirt. Both are elevated beyond the usual with unique details such as the buttons on the long, exaggerated rollback sleeves and collar and the lace-up, self-belting waistband on the skirt. Eclectic Wingtips, the designer, also graced us with 20 color options for the sweater and 8 colors for the skirt. Everyone will be able to find their ideal colors with that variety.

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Raid My Closet Challenge Pt. I


I love the idea behind the Raid My Closet Challenge. With an inventory overflowing with far more clothes than I can keep track of and more shoes than a Jimmy Choo store, it makes sense to dig around in the inventory rather than buy something new. We all know that there have been great advances in the technology of clothing design and that there’s a reason some of the clothing moldering in our folders are not seeing the light of day anymore, but among those older clothes and shoes are gems that are just as good as ever.

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Nyu York, Nyu York

Oct06 c_003

If you can make it there, you can make it – anywhere. Nyu York, Nyu York!

Actually, I am not at the New York sim and I know that’s a terrible pun, but I could not resist. I have a weakness for bad puns.

What is true, though, is I am wearing Nyu’s fabulous trench coat and set for the winter rains. You can find it at the FaMESHed October showcase. The coat comes in leather and wool and in just about every color you could want. I chose pink because I was thinking it’s been a while since I wore something pink. Besides, it looks so good with the hotness that is…
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Design Your Own With Great Pieces


When I unpacked the glorious “My Feathered Waspie” from La Penderie de Nicole, I realized it was one of those pieces that could be mixed and matched with bits and pieces of other outfits to make fun, new things, giving me a chance to “design my own.”

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No Muss, No Fuss


When I saw this fabulous off-the-shoulder sweater from erratic for FaMESHed this month, I immediately thought of these gorgeous pants from Cashmere that I found at Vintage Fair. Sure enough, they are a great match and perfect for a no muss, no fuss Saturday.

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