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Shocking Pink

Culture Shock has inspired so many designers to go all out with color and creativity to raise funds for Médecins Sans Frontières. That link takes you to their page about the Culture Shock event, something I know is an important element in establishing the bona fides of a Second Life charitable event. I really love the new dresses from Kunglers and there are 5 color options. What makes this even more fun is that the prints area different, not recolors, but completely different prints. This is the abstract dress with a cerise skirt and tank and a pink print blouse over it.
Yes, we have options!
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Azoury for Couture of Hope

I was very intrigued by the design from Azoury France for Couture of Hope. The dress is named La Tenue Lavande or the Lavender Dress. Just that alone is intriguing since it is not lavender in color. Most intriguing, though, is the sculpted skirt and the fine details in its construction. From the felted denim of the skirt, the sculptural shaping of the skirt to the leather laced embellishments, it’s a dress designed to not only please, but to make you curious.
Some may ask why. Fashion asks why not. My apologies to George Bernard Shaw.
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Culture Shock – Indie Rose


Culture Shock opened yesterday and enjoyed my short visit to the venue to explore what the most creative minds in SL have come up with to help raise funds for Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières. Indie Rose created some lovely dresses including this yellow floral.
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Diamonds & Gold


Chantal - a magnificent gown from Sissy Pessoa's new collection.

The broken glass
And the rusty nails
Where the violets grow
Say goodbye to the railroad
And the mad dogs of summer
And everything that I know


The opulent steampunk castle at Elonia seemed a perfect place to shoot the diamonds and gold.

What some men will do here for diamonds
What some men will do here for gold
They’re wounded but they just keep on climbin’
And they sleep by the side of the road

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I love fashion drama – when it’s the drama of bold colors, flowing fabrics and the sheen of heavy charmeuse. Mami Jewell is one of the most dramatic creators with her rich formal gowns that explode with drama.


There’s enough drama in this skirt to fuel a daytime soap opera.
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Say Yes To The Dress

Petunia With Gidge_021
As soon as the demos for this gown rezzed on our bodies, Gidge and I knew that we had really found something special. It reminded me of the magical moments on the show Say Yes to the Dress and its sexy styling reminded me of the show’s favorite designer Pnina Tornai.
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Cherry Blossoms


The most exciting thing about events like Chic Limited is how creators can reify a single inspiration into a fascinating collection that illustrates perfectly that art is the expression of individuality. This month’s inspiration was Cherry Blossom and the collection ranges from softly feminine petal-adorned dresses to the pop art bold graphic style of this babydoll from So Many Styles.


As you can see, I had fun running around MiC Musee de Roma Capitale art installation to shoot my pics. I also used Windlight settings by CodeBastard Redgrave for thee beautiful red sky that really brought the art to life.
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Fabulous Is Fabulous

There’s three ways of looking at the coincidence that both Gidge and I chose the same clothing from Betty Doyle’s Ingenue to blog at the same time. One is that we’re boring and predictable bloggers. The second is that great minds think alike. The third is that Fabulous Is Fabulous and who can resist fabulous. Ingenue has produced high quality clothing as long as I have been in Second Life. In the beginning, Doyle focused on the niche vintage market, but her work over the last year has moved firmly into contemporary sportswear and separates that are flagrantly feminine. Take the top and skirt in this outfit. They were released about a month apart but there is such a cohesive vision behind the collection that Gidge and I both thought to combine them, though in different colors. That cohesive visions also makes the colors suitable for mixing and matching with just about everything.
Such springlike romanticism made me think of springs and fairies and unicorns and other delights so I headed off to the Unicorn Sanctuary. I know it looks like it’s nothing but sunshine, gentle dew and rainbows, but explore around some and you will see that Enchanted is a very spooky place in parts.
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Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

I thought I would walk around Old New York and Staten Island sims and even take a little hike across the Brooklyn Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge is one of those bridges that capture people’s hearts and imaginations. Its stunning sweep and the visual delicacy of its suspension wires makes it a work of art. My outfit for the day is perfect for a jaunt around the City with a gorgeous tweed jacket that can be removed if the weather warms up.
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