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Cigar? Cigarette?

posted by Gidge Uriza

The folks at Reasonable Desires released this one a while back but I never remember to shoot things in order. So while it’s not NEW – it’s still uber fantastic and cute.

Cajsa had an event at MDR back in the day, and she had a good Furry friend of ours wear a waiter AO with a serving tray which was very festive and fun. This costume is in the same idea – your traditional 40s style Cigar/Cigarette Girl (they often also had gum and candies to freshen your breath back in the day) with a tray that actually gives stuff out. Continue reading

The Boiling Point is [42]

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’ll try to keep this on “Everyman’s” Level because you know this SCIENCE stuff? It’s TRICKY!

I’ve got a lot of charts and graphs here that I might have to refer to. Plus – I’ve got a Geiger Counter. And it CLICKS baby. That’s right. If you are radioactive you will NOT be sneaking up on this bloganista. I will know it! And I will refuse to go play Zyngo with you – if you are radioactive. I’m sorry but that’s just a guideline for AVATAR safety! Continue reading

Reasonable Desires:You Had Me At "It Comes With a Goat"

posted by Gidge Uriza

I got a Blog Lovin’ Folder dropped on me from Reasonable Desires and imagine my delight when the IM which followed mentions “Oh and it comes with a goat.”

I mean. OH HELL YES!!!!

The Alpine Beer Girl by Reasonable Desires is a fun costume for your Beer Hall Putsch or just a little goat-herd role play if you like. I wore it around for two days, torturing the In World bloggers group with tales of my goat before we finally ended up having a party at my place so I could wear it around in front of other people.

Mmmmmm, beer!

Yes – it ALSO comes with a lovely stein so that your fraulein can imbibe with the goat-herd at the beer hall, regardless of whether or not there is a putsch in progress. Continue reading

Leaping Leopards

Animal prints are ever more popular – in both lives – and this lovely cocktail dress from PinUp Dolls is an expert and elegant use of leopard print in a dress. Just enough to add pop and zest, but not enough to add even a scintilla of skankiness.

It’s much better to go all out on the leopard with the lingerie, like this from Reasonable Desires, where you really want to show your wild side.

Continue reading

Cajsa Went Gonzo, I Went Showgirl

posted by Gidge Uriza

The Pearls and Amethyst Showgirl Costume from Reasonable Desires is possibly one of the nuttiest things I’ve ever put on. Great big huge flexi prims waving in the wind…..flipping and flopping as you move……

They’re sort of great. But then I wasn’t the one taking pictures, so love to Cajsa for sorting through it. When you are moving, though, vs trying to find a pose, you don’t really run into these issues quite so much.

Before you start shrieking about a seam on my neck, this is a body stocking. Yes, just like a REAL Vegas Showgirl wears if you’ve ever seen one. Continue reading