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Crazy Days of Disarray

I could leave one picture here and have you think I’m mostly settled into my new SLife, that I’m not living out of boxes and trying to sort out where my things are or what should go where in my new house.

This would be a lie. Continue reading

Selfie Time At LEA

My travels have taken me to LEA and thank GOODNESS they haven’t banned Selfie sticks here because this is PERFECT for me! I may just start using this for everything. Do you have one yet from RC Cluster? You need one, it’s epic. Continue reading

Saturday Part One

I’m up and dressed early and making my shopping list. I’m a list maker in both lives, and having the right list making tools is vital. I’m not a virtual list maker, I’ve had too many failures and said lists have been lost. I’m a writer on paper and my new notebooks from RC Cluster keep me perfectly organized. Today I’m hopping off to the Creation.jp event and hoping the Kawaii event is still open as there is some ink I wanted to look at. I’m going to spend too much money, it’s a fact. Continue reading

This Is How I Do Fantasy

RC Cluster is BAAAACK and she’s back bringing items to help you bring your SL a little more LIFE! I’m so excited to be able to pretend to wash dishes. Look how awesome I look. I’m not sweaty or annoyed at all. And I’ve got a lovely breakfast awaiting me when I’m done so really why wouldn’t I be happy to do a bit of cleaning? Continue reading

Oh DAMN Am I Late?

Ah, the never ending battle of time between RL and SL made me a late SL bunny this year.

But, candy and eggs are good no matter what time of year right? RIGHT!

Personally, I think that Easter Candy should be given out for PMS like prescriptions. “Eat one Cadbury Egg an hour until  you feel happy.”

I should totally be a doctor, I swear. Continue reading

Elven Rituals Unveiled – Shocking NEWS!

posted by Gidge Uriza

My friend Elusyve is always talking about these strange elf rituals, house cleaning, vacuuming, buying new vacuums…….just really out there stuff that doesn’t even compute for this Barbie doll. Honestly, most of the time the stuff she is saying is just buzzes and clicks to me. Continue reading

Rite of Spring

posted by Gidge Uriza

Spring is coming. Where I live everything is in bloom and it’s been sweltering warm in the afternoons.  So how else to celebrate the Earth shrugging off winters cold and grey ugliness than to go dancing in the flowers and forests at Oubliette?

I'm an Excellent Dancer

I actually wasn’t paying attention – and wore the shape that came with this costume from Wishbox. 🙂 It’s cute. Continue reading