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Dressing With Flair

This one is all about the shoes, dahlinks. Gidge hasn’t tooted her horn yet, but she was on Fabulous Fashion TV on Monday night talking about accessories and she was fabulous! Absolutely Fabulous! and I’m not talking Edina. Well, one the accessories she highlighted were the hot new flats from Sasy Scarborough’s Flair. And then, Sasy made special editiion It’s Only Fashion Button Flats in pink and orange and orange and pink. (You can guess who’s pink and who’s orange) and well, on top of that they are Free! at the FFTV studio and  I have waited a few days to give Gidge time to brag about herself and clearly she’s just being humble. So, that’s my excuse for blogging this before her when clearly it’s her story. She will just have to blog the second pair.

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Sugar Sweet

Cube Sugar is new to me and what a find it was for me. I definitely will be going back again and again. These pink and teal plaid pants came from there and I could not be happier. I love the look. I am delighted that they are mod, allowing me to widen the bottom just enough to go over the tops of my ankle boots. I love everything about them, including the way the seams meet – a challenge with plaids.

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