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Sn@tch Freckles Put You In The Mood

Ivey Deschanel at Sn@tch has recently released a line of freckled face makeups with lovely lips and eyes to boot. I’m wearing her makeup over Belleza’s Erika just to show you how pretty and subtle the freckles are – like a kiss from the sun.

As a Southern Belle imma have to bathe in buttermilk to get rid of them. 🙂

I’m also wearing the gorgeous earrings from MOOD – ENDLESS GLAM – which come with a cuff bracelet and beautiful color change options. These are available at the Pure Juice event. Continue reading

Pure Juice Got The Way To Move Me – CHERRY BABY……

My kittycat FLO and I are here to tell you that if you haven’t heard yet – PURE JUICE is coming to the Juicy Sim on March 5th and there is so much CUTE there that I had a hard time picking out what to wear next.

I am combining a few things today because if I do them one at a time the event will be over  for weeks and I’ll still be blogging. 🙂 Continue reading

It's Only Fashion – BLACK OPS VERSION!

Ok the title is because we got an erroneous pingback from the video game BLACK OPS and you know, that makes me wanna get all sniper-iffic and shoot someone.
So, I should wear something black right?

Is there some rule that says that snipers can’t be pretty too? Because if there is, I didn’t get the memo. Continue reading

Get Ready. Get Set….Shop

The next in the Chic Limited Family of Shopping Events is setting up to launch on March 5th so ladies get your purses ready.

PURE JUICE will open with an abundance of shops and creations represented from the Juicy Sims, all of which have prepared you something extra special for the event. Continue reading