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I Started Out So Artsy

I was cruising a spot I’d seen on Honour McMillan’s blog and taking those “I’m fancy and standing in this place where I don’t belong, LOOK ON ME” sort of photos, when my friend London (whom I’d been chatting with) said “HEY YOU GOT A BAR!” and I realized, she’d popped over to my house.

You can’t imagine how quickly I TP’d out to join her at my silly, cluttered home. Continue reading

Sunday Finest

I always forget why I don’t wear mesh eyelashes until I go to process pictures where I was wearing them. The demon eyes in my shadow amuse me, yet, it’s not EXACTLY what I was going for. I suppose it could be that I’m being shadowed by my demons. Let’s go with that. Continue reading

So who at The Liaison Collaborative works for the CIA?


Seriously, does anyone really think it is pure coincidence that the CIA confirmed the existence of Area 51 when The Garden opened up its Area 51 showcase? Besides, doesn’t the name Liaison Collaborative sounds like a cover organization for a covert mission? Covert operative liaise while the rest of us hang out. I wonder who it is? Please share all your random and reckless speculation.


So, Gidge wanted to run with the Area 51 idea and I worked with her to make a projector box. She made 11 poses. Her pose selection menu is a prose poem, an ode to sci-fi. The projector has three textures. All of these shots are done in the chrome texture, the differences in lighting come from the windlight.


Continue reading

Collabor88 Is Putting It All Together

The designers are setting up and it’s a mad dash to be open for the grand birthday celebration of Collabor88.  It’s a guaranteed event of the first order, and all your favorites and lots of great guests are lining up to bring you things you need and things you want and things you’ll want to need. There are some other things that you’ll need to want. Continue reading

The Next Must Have Bikini

Right about the time I think that no more bikinis ever need to be made someone comes along and makes the next one that is absolutely adorable. Anessa Stine has this one available at her shop DCNY and the best part for you is that it’s 50L because it’s part of FLF today! Continue reading

I Will Send This Fairy to My Friend Squinternet

I talked to my friend Squinternet today, for whom my other friend Cajsa is organizing a fundraiser.  We talked about several things today, about how she felt, and how expensive it is to have a night nurse and so that’s why she doesn’t have one. It means she doesn’t have help in the night if there are problems.

We talked about hospitals and medicine, and being strong and losing hope, and finding it again. We talked about dying. Continue reading

Several Shoots Later

I shot this outfit five times. Five different times. This is a grand departure from my old self, wherein I would say TO HELL WITH THIS OUTFIT and delete it all and you’d never see it.

I used to feel like, it just wasn’t meant to be, if the pics were all shite. But that’s more Presbyterian than I care to be, so I kept going back and back and back to the studio, or that studio, or this location, or at my house, until eventually I even made myself a projector and played with it until I came up with these pics. Continue reading

Vacation Clothes

Growing up we had a family tradition of vacationing at the Gulf of Mexico. All people from Indiana do so, from what I can tell. Once we had settled into our hotel, my mother and I traditionally went to a ladies “beach store” and we each got one nice sundress, matching flip flops and sometimes a necklace.

Shell necklace obviously. Continue reading

Sometimes There’s Nothing For It But Beach Therapy

Sometimes real life gets too real and my avatar and I need fantasy STAT. My favorite aspect of having a Second Life playground is the ability to choose a climate, real or imaginary, and immerse myself in it. I suppose it’s a primal urge, the rush to the sea that so many of us get in SL. It’s not just a luxury, something calls us there, there is nothing as relaxing and calming to me as time at the sea.

Even a virtual one. Continue reading