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Mix and Match Fun:Posh + Pixel Dolls=Festive!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I turned into Cajsa the other night when working on putting together an outfit and realized that I thought that this black party dress from POSH needed a different skirt.

There was nothing WRONG with the skirt that came with it, it’s a really cute gift that was out in the store. But it’s so much fun to pull outfits apart and put them back together in different ways – creating something new. Continue reading

Golden Girl

Choosing something to wear while shooting a million hairstyles, I wanted a dress that would not interfere with the hair. No collars, ruffles or puffs – no prims, no sculpties. I wanted it to be relatively low cut as that tends to flatter most hair styles and really simple so it wouldn’t look odd with vastly different styles of hair. This dress pretty much fit the bill though it was a stretch for a few of the hats and fantasy hairs. It’s a lovely simple dress from Casa del Shai and really proved how flexible it is.

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