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Eek! I am frightened! I must emote!


Peatonville Asylum is a scary place even wearing such a perfect little top and sweater as this. The top may be familiar to you as it conquered the grid, the metaverse and the galaxies of Gallafrey when it was released earlier this year. The sweater, on the other hand, will be released into the wild by Wynter for the Peace on Earth hunt starting on Dec. 3rd. At such a scary place, a person might expect to look a bit frightened, which is assisted by a recent discovery on Marketplace – a freebie that belongs in every photographer’s pocket.


You see, not only does it allow me to choose the typical emotes, but it also gives me control of my eyes and my hands. The skirt, by the way, is also from the Peace on Earth hunt – from CIA. It comes with a luscious ruffled top, but the top plunges like a rollar coaster which made it just a bit dressy for the look I wanted.

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