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This is the 3379th post at It’s Only Fashion – they do add up, don’t they? Why did I point that out? Mainly because I could not think of anything to organize this post around. I thought about writing about the effing brilliant Olympic Opening Ceremony – a democracy’s response to the despotic precision of China – but that doesn’t have anything to do with this outfit. I thought about writing about the ineffable presumption of some folks who are so quick to criticize others (creators, event planners, bloggers and photographers to name a few) and how that drip, drip, drip of negativity wears and erodes the spirit – but that doesn’t have anything to do with this outfit. I thought about writing about the fear of rejection that makes clicking an Add Friend button a fraught exercise in risk analysis – but that doesn’t have anything to do with this outfit either. But – I was wearing this outfit when these topics came up and somehow they came to mind when I started to blog.


I even thought about blogging about the upcoming Vintage Fair. After all, the skirt from Peqe has a vintage flair. The fabulous print jacket is called Vintage and the set is Long Angel’s Vintage Picture Window set. I guess three vintages could make that work, couldn’t it? Even if none of the pieces are at the Vintage Fair?  So, yes, Vintage Fair is coming – opening August 4th and running to August 29th. I am excited and know many of you will be, too, but there are only a few peeks and previews on Flickr and elsewhere. I know it will be wonderful, but how wonderful is still a mystery.

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Long Hair at Hair Fair 2012

There’s a lot of long hair at Hair Fair 2012. Here is some of it – not nearly all of it. None of the photos have been edited, other than adding the name of the hair at the top.

Store info at Blogging Second Life

  • Poses: oOo Studio
  • Skin: [PXL] KATE NAT NE MEB C1
  • Makeup Tattoos: [PXL] KATE NAT Cherry Lips Glossy (Tattoo)
  • [PXL] KATE NAT Cat Eyes (Tattoo)
  • Eyes: Poetic Colors classic – forest morning (m) bright
  • Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/curl/touch me
  • Maitreya V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes
  • Hair: !lamb. Falling (Mesh) – Ugly Red Lipstick
  • Clothing: Peqe – Cajsa white

Hey, that’s me!


The other day Inex Hax asked for same suggestions for this elegant houndstooth dress she was about to release for Peqe. I suggested Baskerville and then, for some reason, did not see follow-up replies because Plurk was being glitchy. So, when I logged in and saw an object from her named Cajsa, I assumed that she had labeled it for delivery. Until I opened it and saw that the box was called Cajsa because the dress was called Cajsa and that was when my eyes popped and I said, “Hey, that’s me!” Like anyone, I am thrilled to have a design named after me, especially when my name confounds so many people. Even better, though, when the dress is so very much “my style” like this dress. You all know I have a deep, abiding love for sheath dresses and pencil skirts, prints and elegant designs that pull from the past but look to the future. This is all that in one.

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Hoodoo Voodoo

July 15th_008

This cute and casual top from MEB called out to me, insisting it would be the perfect choice for showing off the short haircuts. It’s true that a boat neck with hair off the neck, whether short, in an updo or a pony always makes a gorgeous neckline. I added some comfy leggings by Pink Outfitters for the July faMESHed showcase.

Hoodoo voodoo, seven, twenty-one, two
Haystacka, hostacka, A B C
High poker, low joker, ninety-nine to zero
Sidewalk, streetcar, dance a goofy dance

Black birdy, blue jay, one, two, three, four
Trash sack, jump back, E F G
Biggy hat, little hat, fatty man, skinny man
Grasshopper, green snake, hold my hand

Hoodoo voodoo, chooka chooky choo choo
True blue, how true, kissle me now
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Chatkare Culture Shock

I love the bold, color-blocking in Appolonia Criss’s new dress called City Chic. She takes a very mod style and updates it with a blouson top and short, very modern sleeves.

Chatkare Culture Chic

I decided to note the military-inspird sleeves by adding the gauntlets from Nzuri, though most gauntlets don’t have adorable bows at the wrist.

Chatkare Culture Chic

This brilliant and bold color got me looking for a brilliant and bold place to shoot and that led me to the Labyrinth of Absurdity.
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The lion sleeps tonight


I stopped by a new-to-me sim called Africa, complete with a Kilimanjaro inspired mountain and lots of safari animals. That gorgeous sweater is from E! - Eclectic Apparel

In the jungle, the mighty jungle
The lion sleeps tonight
In the jungle, the quiet jungle
The lion sleeps tonight
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Feeling Drowsy


I have been feeling drowsy lately, especially this morning. So why not make a stop at the Drowsy sim so I can indulge in complete drowsiness? That’s what I did and found the perfect setting to highlight the fabulous peridot dress from The Sea Hole at Collabor88.

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Linn goes Back to Black

Hello, lovelies :)

How is everyone this fine Saturday evening? Well, in this part of the world (Southern Italy) it’s evening, while i’m writing, a snowy evening.

The Back to Black event will open its gates in a few hours and i would like to show you some more amazing stuff you will find there, but, first of all, have a look at this skin and this hair, my latest purchases:

Linn. Valentine.

Linn in Valentine by Glam Affair is available at The Dressing Room where each designer – for this special Valentine’s Collection – prepared 3 items!
The hairstyle is one of the latest releases from (R E D) M I N T and one of my favourite hair ever, i totally fell for it.

Now, let me show you some absolutely stunning items which will be available at the Back to Black event:

Linn in black

More after the cut!
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What's Black and White and Re(a)d All Over?


I like red, white and black – or shades of gray and red. When I put this outfit together, for some reason that childhood riddle popped into my head. If for some reason, you don’t know the answer, it’s a newspaper. I wonder if the internet will make that riddle obsolete? Anyway, I am black and white and red all over with this outfit made with pieces from Peqe’s summer and Christmas collection and a sweater from Alexohol. The sweater is lovely and I love the quirky irregularity of the buttons that remind me of when I have sewn on buttons. The top is from Peqe’s Christmas release and I love it with the flared pants from Summer.
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1963 – The Year that Gave Us Doctor Who


1963 was a seminal year in American life.  It was the year of the Kennedy Assassination – a moment like 9/11 where everyone alive then can tell you what they were doing at the moment they learned of it. It was also the year that brought us Doctor Who and the release of the first Beatles album.  1963 will be celebrated in all its glory tonight at theRock per Annum event at the Velvet. Exploring the development of rock from 1960 to 2012, each week focuses on the music of just one year. It’s been a fascinating process so far because the music for each year is so much fuller and more varied than one expects.

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