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I Feel Dotty, Oh So Dotty

I feel dotty, oh so dotty
I feel dotty and witty and bright!
And I pity
Any girl who isn’t me tonight!

Well, it’s not a perfect fit for the I Feel Pretty lyrics, but this Princess Dotty dress from Modern Gypsy is definitely dotty, witty and bright, so why not? It’s certainly a fun way of looking at it.

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Responsive Designers

Whenever some new designer drops some promotional items on me and asks me to check them out and possibly blog them, I try the clothes on. I am always eager to find something new and to find new stores, so I enjoy getting these sorts of requests. Jag Voom of Page 3 dropped a few dresses on me the other day, including this delightful print sun dress. What really set this encounter apart, though was the response to a small criticism. Like more and more designers, Jag had made the prim pieces no mod. Thanks to differences in viewers, the prim pieces were a darker tint than the system pieces and I wanted to mod the prims so I could change that. I also wanted to move just one prim piece in the ruffle. I took a snapshot and sent it back, saying I would love to blog the dress, but only if the pieces were no mod to accomodate viewer and shape differences. The next time I logged in there was a lovely IM acknowledging the critique and sending a new, modifiable dress. That kind of responsiveness to the people will go far to make Page 3 a success – and make it easier for fashionistas of all shapes and viewers enjoy the clothing.

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