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Deviant Girls

Deviant Girls is a legitimate title for this post as that is the store where I bought this dress. However, I admit I am giggling at the thought of porn surfers getting a little disappointment as they land here. Deviance is such a nebulous concept. After all it merely means turning off from the main road, so to speak. Who wants to always drive the main road? Those blue lines on the map are always more interesting and prettier than the red highways. On the other hand, I do love the red lines in this dress – the fabulous ribbons that elevate this from a nice gown to fabulous fashion!

The skirt on this dress is magic. It floats and waves in the wind. It’s a bit tricky to photograph with all the alphas in it, but anytime alphas drive you batty, just look from another angle and voila!

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Looking Good While Doing Good


I hope you spend some of this weekend at Fashion For Life and the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser. I know sometimes folks are reluctant to go because they think with so many people there will be a lot of lag. That has not been my experience. I hopped over to Bourke White last night to shoot these pictures and had no troubles with lag or rezzing even with my graphics cranked. I checked the map before going and went to the sim with the fewest people, but I don’t think any of the sims were full except, perhaps, Avalon, where there was a dance. Additionally, at Fashion For Life have incorporated many strategies to reduce lag to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.
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