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Event Fusion

posted by Gidge Uriza

The Designers United event missed my radar somehow until I saw Cajsa’s blogpost. I don’t know how I missed it but I’m scattered, what can I say?

I had been petting and drooling over the gorgeous creativity dropped on the Hair Fair by Tekeli-Li this year (yes this Barbie is a huge Tekeli-Li fan, go figure) and I had my skin all picked out but just couldn’t decide what to wear – until I got the DU notice about this dress from ORTA.

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By the Shores of Gitche Gumee


When I went to Grey Havens, I was reminded of the magnificent North Shore of Lake Superior – a favorite family vacation place. We always did at least one trip up the North Shore each year. Gitche Gumee was how Longfellow spelled Gichigami, the Ojibwe phrase for “Big Water.”  Having spent time on a research ship counting June Bugs and small fry on Lake Superior, I can tell you it is definitely Big Water.  I decided to go the Grey Havens to shoot the Isabella dress from ORTA because the fabric made me think of the North Shore’s Norway Pine & Blue Spruce and the granite shoreline.


Although it makes me think of Lake Superior, Grey Havens has sea lions and whales so that’s saltwater, not freshwater, alas!  By the way, is it TMI to share that Mom had the Song of Hiawatha memorized and always recited big chunks of it while we drove up the North Shore to Grand Portage? Thankfully she never went through the entire poem in one sitting. I think that would take hours. Mom knew 100 or more poems by heart and made all of her kids memorize one poem a week.  My siblings are a generation older than me, and this ritual is one of the few things we have in common. Of course, she never made us memorize Song of Hiawatha as that is just ridiculous.
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Gogo's 20L Top to Bottom Challenge

Gogo’s Newbie Style Challenge ends today. I would have fared better if SL had not been so crashtastic yesterday. However, I did manage to put together a few looks that work.  This one cost 1L for the hair, all the rest was free. The top comes from Orage Creations and is part of a top and skirt set. I opted for the capris, one of a blue and black fatpack free from Uzuri. The boots are from N-Core and require joining the group for free. The boots can be changed from black to red or white with the click of your mouse. You can also choose multiple colors for the warmers or not wear them at all.

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