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Back to Mysterious Wave


I had such a hard time finding a place to shoot photo pics last night. I ran around all over the place but I must have been bringing the Three Bears along with me because this sim was too hot and that sim was too cold and this sim was too soft and that sim was too hard. I seldom get in that nothing suits me mood and hate it because it really is me, not the sims that is out of sorts. I finally ended up at Mysterious Wave which has something for every bear with its many different exhibits.

On the clothing front, though, I was pleased with everything. I started the outfit out with the gauntlets. And therein lies a story. The other day I was browsing through some clothing and fashion sites and drooling over real life clothes and posted a plurkload of “please make these in SL” clothing porn. Imagine my delight when shortly after Tracy Rubble of Nzuri dropped me off one of items I had been lusting after – black gauntlets with dainty bows at the wrist. I love the combination of edgy goth gauntlets with the feminine detail of the bows. So thanks so much Tracy. I love my gauntlets. And guess what? She names them Cajsa Gauntlets. /me swoons!
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