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In the Subway Station


The thing about subways is that they are the ultimate crossroads of life where you will see any and all kinds of people – and all kinds of fashion from the dressed down to the dressed up. I am certainly dressed up with this fab pantset from The Niven Collection. It’s named L U X E and it’s certainly luxe in look and feel. I saw the collection at Modavia Fashion week and really fell in love with many of the pants sets in Scarlett Niven’s collection.


Subways are fabulous places for people-watching if you’re not in a hurry yourself. Sadly, there’s no crowd of people to watch at the subway at Urban Decay. Incidentally, Urban Decay sells this subway station if you want to buy it to rez on your own sim.
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B&W Rock Opera?


The Niven Collection by Scarlett Niven is primarily an exploration of the vast possibilities of black and white. Yes, there are a few items in the store with color, but by and large, the entire collection is a symphony in black and white. Actually, maybe rock opera is more accurate because the designs are very a la page. Symphony, Rock Opera? What do you think?

This dress I am wearing is called BodyCon and I am not positive what Con stands for but Body Conscious would be a good option. The always fashion forward styles of N-Core make a perfect alliance with Niven Collection clothing.


Another study in black and white is the romantic and stylized China sim – where visitors find themselves within a Chinese watercolor and ink painting.

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Gogo's 20L Top to Bottom Challenge

Gogo’s Newbie Style Challenge ends today. I would have fared better if SL had not been so crashtastic yesterday. However, I did manage to put together a few looks that work.  This one cost 1L for the hair, all the rest was free. The top comes from Orage Creations and is part of a top and skirt set. I opted for the capris, one of a blue and black fatpack free from Uzuri. The boots are from N-Core and require joining the group for free. The boots can be changed from black to red or white with the click of your mouse. You can also choose multiple colors for the warmers or not wear them at all.

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