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What If I Just Stood Here ?

Someone wrote on SLSECRETS last week that they miss bloggers writing about what they were wearing. I think a lot of bloggers still do this. There are some who don’t. It depends on where their fancy takes them, and what their blog means to them. Cajsa and I still write, but we love words as much as we love fashion. But most importantly, we write for an audience that likes, more or less, what we do.

Knowing who you want to write for, and what you want to write about is an important part of being a blogger. Dressing my doll, and letting her have a bit of a virtual life is only part of it for me. I also like to share her with you. Some days that’s as quick as LOOK AT THIS THING. Maybe that’s because in real life, I’d be so harried that day, this is how I’d end up communicating with you, were we friends. Continue reading

Quest For Meat

It’s always a bad idea to go shopping when you are hungry but since I so rarely let pixel Gidge eat, she’s always hungry when she shops. Today she stopped over at her favorite butcher to pick up some meat because, hey, meat.

It was also an excuse to go for a stroll in my new shoes from Nardcotix – OMG REMEMBER NARDCOTIX? Well I do, fondly,and I’m excited to have them back in my SLife !

My favorite butcher always gives me a burrito, he’s thoughtful. He’s also a bit dumb because he spells is buritto making it impossible to FIND once I’m ready to eat it. But regardless, I strolled over to a lovely park to enjoy my burrito (spelled right) on this beautiful day. Continue reading

Signs & Signifiers


I am wearing the “I See Your Jealousy” dress and jacket from Countdown. Look at the amazing texturing on the jacket which fit so well, I did not bother with the alpha. It demanded a stunning avant-garde hat and I dug this SL-vintage hat from Nardcotix out of the closet. Sadly it is no longer available, but you can find great hats in many places now. 

I got signs and signifiers that gossipers and liars
twist me every way they wanna go.

What looks like a raging fire are your dreams and desires
ending up like ashes on the ground.


Please note how the inner lining of the jacket is textured so it looks good from all directions.

If you’ll consider me a chance
to falter through a dance, 
then the other ones may just leave us alone.

I made a nearly sacred vow to never ever do without 
and be with you ‘til our time is running out.
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Swing Swing Swing



I love jackets. I am always on the hunt for a good jacket that will work with other mesh items that have not been made as part of a set. While browsing through Marketplace, I came across this wonderful houndstooth swing jacket from Legal Insanity and knew I had to have it.  I know it would be wearable with other mesh. I did have to go one size larger so that the shirt would not poke through in the back, but I didn’t need to add the alpha to get it to work. This jacket has an array of stunning details such as the black and white edging that outlines the entire jacket and the collar. The single black button keeps it together while letting it fall into the swing that gives it its name. The jacket comes in several solid colors, including many brights, but I love this classic houndstooth.




The top is from NYU and comes in several colors. It comes with the contrasting bow  and has such beautiful classic style. I added the fun high-waisted mini from Maitreya in white, keeping myself to a monochromatic scheme.  Continue reading

The Christmas Sweater


Kauna has Christmas Sweaters for men and women in all the holiday shades and patterns at faMESHed. Everyone needs a Christmas Sweater for holiday pictures, parties and holiday cheer.

Until glaucoma took away her ability to see the details, my mother knit a sweater for me every Christmas. I can remember most of them. My least favorite was a traditional Scandinavian pullover in red, white and blue she made for me when I was in 3rd grade, even then my color palette was subtler than that. My favorite was a longer tunic sweater she knit in a dark sienna with a Scandinavian knit border print from hip to mid thigh with sienna, pumpkin, cream and dark forest green. One of the most stunning was one she knit of variegated yarn that through serendipity happened to have the exact number of stitches so the yarn formed a gorgeous argyle plaid pattern on the front panel. She knit a gorgeous lacy shell one year that was so soft and made with such fine yarn I could squeeze it into a ball in one hand. The last one she made before her vision dimmed permanently was a soft dove gray, seashell pink and white Scandinavian cardigan with silver buttons. I loved my sweaters and their loss is one of the harder losses from our house fire.

That’s why I dislike the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” trope. How can a sweater made with love ever be ugly?

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Countdown: Where Have You Been All My SLife?


Browsing through my contacts on Flickr the other day, I saw a batch of vendor ads from Countdown. They were so stunning, I didn’t just make a note to go check it out, but instead logged in right and snapped up a few of the dresses. Countdown is not new, but it is new to me and that makes me ask, “Countdown, where have you been all my SLife?”

Could there be designs more suited to draw me in? Look at the classic lines combined with the modern details like the sheer chevrons that embrace the belt and highlight the waist. The sheer elements at the neckline and waist flirt with sensuality, but never stray close to the line.

(Note to Designers: This is why you put vendor ads on Flickr.)

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