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Winter Wheat

I guess because I grew up next to the Red River Valley of the North, whenever I see the phrase winter white my mind thinks of winter wheat. It’s a form of wheat that’s planted in the fall, needing the cold to flower. Of course, sometimes the winter is too hard and it kills off the crop, but then farming is possibly the only form of gambling legal in every country of the world.  Now I would not wear these Novocaine winter white pants on the farm – but this truly is a perfect farm girl goes to town outfit, after all they are officially called City Slacks.

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Treasure Hunting #2

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

There are treasure hunts and then there are treasure hunts with real treasure like this one at Baiastice. In this photo, I am wearing hunt item #18 – the Delicacy top from Baiastice. The treasure pouch also gives you another in blue that is just as yummy. I tried it with a few skirts and jeans and it looked great with the Adam n Eve leather pants I wore the other day, but I decided that I really liked how it suited the MG Fashions Maria skirt’s dropped waist.  Additionally, the color match was perfect. 

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Not So Mellow Yellow

Forget mood-altering drugs, give me some clothes! Nothing can perk me up faster than a bright print that shouts, “Hey World! Look at me!” and that’s what the print skirt in the lovely Outono outfit from MG Fashion. The skirt comes with 3 perfectly coordinated tops – and I chose the petroleum colored one because I wanted another POP of color and this brilliant pink Dictator Jacket from Digit Darkes was what the doctor ordered. 

This jacket comes in six colors and you should collect them all because they are great add-ons to move a nice outfit from cute to chic and from sweet to scrumptious. Not only that, but they are very versatile as I have shown before – wearing just the sleeves from my yellow jacket to turn an ordinary tube top into a hot, hot number. Take a look on Flickr for more views. Continue reading