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New Release and Auction Items at Mer-Elf

My Friend Morgaine is offering this dream of a gown for free to all you Mer-Elf people, and even to all you non Mer-Elf people! Up at her Mainstore now! This is a quickie because I’ve got all this REAL LIFE going on – CAN you believe it?


  • Skin – Free Speerit – Kimberly – Group Gift – FREE (btw Desidelia makes the best ass in SL, check out her skins! Seriously)
  • Hair – Diversity hair -Milly – Lucky Chair Priza
  • Dress – Mer-Elf Freebie!

Also hot and happening at Mer-Elf are TWO charity items I promised Morgain I would share- THESE not free but quite worthy so when you pop by to pick up the freebie, take a gander.

I am told both of these auction items will go POOOOF On Monday June 15th.

What To Wear To The Drunken Drow?

posted by Gidge Uriza

My friend Delilah Drutmann dropped me a notecard a couple of weeks ago that said SHHH! Surprise party for Jezabel! At the Drunken Drow! Here is the LM!

As they are both my RL friends, and folks I drug into the Metaverse with me, I obviously HAD to attend.  But shortly after I got them out of their newbie attire, those two girls ran off into their own SL and I don’t see them all that much. So I was interested to see what they were about now that we didn’t hang IN WORLD so much.

And you’re having the party WHERE? The Drunken Drow? Continue reading