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Yourskin is Delightful

posted by Gidge Uriza

You might think that I like every skin given to me, that like a crack-fiend – I can find no flaw with my drug of choice.

And that is where you would be wrong. You see – I try on a LOT of skins, I receive many as review items and others I go hunting down based on blogs and plurks about what people have released.

Much of the time I slip into the new pixel shell and say OH HELL WHAT IS THIS?

You never see those skins. Because I want to look pretty, and I want YOU to look pretty, therefore it only behooves me to bring you that which pleases me and I hope will please you.

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Italian Style

The Italian community has fostered lots of good designers and also worked together in many ways with Italian fashion shows and gallery showings of Italian artists and the like.  Last year wandering around a Best of Italian festival I happened on Orage Creations and promptly put it on my list of stores I make an effort to revisit once a month at least.  Her specialty is stunning gowns and exuberant fashion. Now, however, she’s doing some homage to great runway fashion such as this recreation of a Versace gown worn by Charlize Theron to the Venice Film Festival.

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Bare Rose Challenge #4

What I usually glean from my expeditions to Bare Rose are fun jackets full of details and fripperies and furbeloes. This time, though, I want to show you that Bare Rose can keep up the Jones in the soft, romantic and classic line of clothing, too.  In the Diamond Dust fatpack, you will, as usual, get eleventy-million shades of this lovely, classic cocktail dress and gloves.

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The Dress I Did Not Wear

It’s not the dress’ fault. I planned to wear it – the short version – so it wasn’t too dressy. We had our one year anniversary party and I thought I would dress up a bit with this LaPointe black silk. But real life intervened and I got home with minutes to spare before logging in and had to lay out the dance balls and dance floor and all that…so I told the folder to add items and rushed about. And nothing rezzed. When one prim piece rezzed after the party started it was a peach skirt. hmmmm. Must have done the wrong folder.I put worn in the search term and hmmm, I am not wearing this, but I draw a blank trying to remember the outfit I am wearing.

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Monday night I was getting ready to shoot some photos for the blog and my friend Furrball came visiting. I decided I would shoot at EmVee Cuba because he had never seen it before, so off we went and I showed him round. He suggested shooting against this wall because of the contrast between the light terra cotta and aquamarine of the walls and the deek rich brick red of the skirt. He was so right. I love the way the colors bounce off each other.

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Hat Tip

Sometimes the best way to find the cutest top or whathaveyou is seeing it on someone else. While stopping at Hotel Dare to pick up a costume I will be posting later today I ran into fellow fashionista and It’s Only Fashion reader, Annabella Donner, who was wearing an adorable top. Really adorable, so I asked her where she got it and she sent me to Samara Designs and now I am wearing it in this photo.

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