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Can You Hear Them? They're Talking 'Bout Us!

posted by Gidge Uriza

It Doesn’t Matter What They Say……In the Jealous Games People Play…..HEY HEY HEY!

Back in the day when Cajsa and I did all the events on Vicious Island, we spent FOREVER planning what we were going to wear. So when MDR announced it was going to have an 80s night…..I went back into my “OMG I HAVE TO HAVE THE CUTEST COSTUME EVEN THOUGH I CAN’T WIN A PRIZE” mode.

I had already picked up the super fun 80s Girl Freebie from Layniewear, just to HAVE. MONTHS ago I picked that up. So I knew that I already had some fabulous acid washed jeans and faboo CHOOSE LIFE shirt to start the outfit. Continue reading

GHOST of a Chance

GHOST is closing its doors today and as a last hurrah is offering everything at 50% off. GHOST is a fun and innovative store. My favorite tights are GHOST’s prison tights. They are available on OnRez. One of my favorite freebies from OnRez is GHOST’s Dirty Snow. So to say goodbye to GHOST, I wore this Lag Fade top and mini-skirt from GHOST. I paired it with tights from Bijou and shoes from Armidi and added some cute jewelry from Bliensen. For full disclosure, I must point out that the jewelry are review copies and different from my usual style, but I thought they were perfect for this out. You can seem lots more pics on my Flickr because I was trying a bunch of different Windlight settings on the skin to see how it responded to light. 

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