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Fashionable Relay Challenge #30

How many of us thought it would take more than two months to work our way through the Fashionable Relay Challenge – and that we have is testament to the inspiration and guiding force behind the challenge Sasy Scarborough – and she will surely see us through to the end. I have enjoyed seeing the varied but always well-executed outfits throughout the challenge, but none more so than Elisabeth of Ou la la mode, so I was very pleased when Sasy asked me to pick up the baton after her. So, her outfit has several elements that I would love to build an outfit from including the jeans, vest, belt, hair and shoes. I ran around checking them out and finally decided on the Wide Belt Embossing from Coco because I needed a good casual prim belt.

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Angel of the Morning

If you want more, much more, than a simple Halloween costume, let me suggest JoJorunoo Runo’s Angel Armor. For a mere five lindens, not only do you get a costume with lovely particle wings that give the outfit a kinetic energy not found elsewhere, but you also get life’s ultimate moral quandary sorted into a folder. You see, the outfit comes in black and white – will you be an angel of the light or an angel of darkness, angel of the morning or angel of the night? It’s your choice.

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