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Quick Look – Rebel Hope

I ran over to check out the 1920’s Berlin build and when I popped in, I saw that we were asked to dress for the period. I have folders inside folders inside folders in my inventory and in my Clothing Folder, there is a Vintage folder and inside that there is a Twenties folder. So I popped this on and was ready to go.

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Infinity Skins is now open – though still unofficially – so you can hop over and try out the demos of the different skins I have been wearing most of this week. This one is Ava and it is an elegant and regal face that really suits this Seldom Blue gown called Sensations. And the name of the gown suits this skin – and I am sure when you try out the demos, you will think they are sensational too.

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The Store I Lost

posted by Gidge Uriza

Once Upon a Time, Cajsa TP’d me into a store. It was fully of elegant, delicious ballgown-goodness. There were some fastastic dollarbies (piles of gowns from older releases for about 5L) and a neat viewer that rotated THROUGH was was in the freebie boxes so you could SEE them. I thought this was  a great touch – how often do you get home with a hideous freebie? This way, you only pick up the one you want.

And I BOUGHT one, this EXCELLENT GREEN GOWN! I had an event to wear it to. Continue reading

Ballgown Therapy

posted by Gidge Uriza

Know what you need sometimes? Sometimes you need your best friend to say “Let’s put on the biggest ballgowns we can find and be girly girls.”

Fortunately, in SL we have Sascha Frangilli to fill that need with some of the most spectacular and versatile ballgowns IN the metaverse. 

You see Cajsa and I in the same dress “IMOGEN” in pink and red (for Valentines WHOOT!) and we’re just showing you SOME of layering options that you’ve got with this gown. Want a great big battleship skirt? Want a smooth sleek look? Want a big puffy fur collar? No? All of these pieces and parts are just a few of the options you get for a really reasonable price for such a luscious dress. Continue reading

Truth Be Told

Truth be told, there was a rocking hot hair sale at Truth with single color sets of hair for only 50L, so I popped over to stock up because Truth makes good hair and in particular, makes amazing updos. This one is Antie II and comes with many flower choices. I had to edit the attached flower a bit because its original attachment point displaced an earring and that just won’t do. I must have been on auto-pilot and not thinking because my first attachment was to the eye. Now all of you should just go an attach a hair flower to your eye just so you can have a good laugh. I laughed so hard I hurt. I ended up putting it on the chin.

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Audrey & Hepburn, not Audrey Hepburn

When I received a promotional copy of the new Stiletto Moody shoes tonight called Audrey, I could not resist being a total cliche and pairing it with the Hepburn dress from Azul. Now I confess to being as hesitant as the next person to splurging on these shoes but I was counting and figuring to see if I could swing it because they looked so lovely and might work so well in photos.

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Winter Yum

Styles of Edo – which includes the wonderful designs of Marni Jewell formerly of azul – has many lush and glorious ball gowns. My favorite, though, by far is this richly textured, super-saturated festival of deep colors called Dark Pearl. With rich hand-painted silk organza, the color play in this dress is magnificent.

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More Love for Zaara

How could I not fall in love with this scarf from the incomparable Zaara? First, it’s peach and that shade of peach that flatters every skin tone in the world.  Yes, there are colors that do flatter every skin tone with no reference to winter, spring, summer or fall.  They are mid-tones, neither too warm nor too cool and include eggplant, teal, true red and peach/rose.  To see how well peach works on all skin tones, you can see  15 women in peach here.

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