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I Think There’s A Clown Behind Me

It all started because of the ink. Scrolling through the Eloquence blog at events the other day, I saw these really pretty tattoos for SLINK bod and thought I would like them. But then I opened up the blog today to find the event and found ANOTHER event (Creation JP) and well – I had to go to that.

The next thing that happened was that Sasy went to the FIRST event (Kawaii Project Something I forget the name but maybe that’s the name I don’t know – oh there I linked it yes that’s the name) and she starts tossing me gacha extras. My old school gacha fever took hold and I started putting on everything I just had purchased and then some.

It’s guerilla styling – PUT ON EVERYTHING YOU JUST BOUGHT NOW AND SHOOT! GO GO GO GO! Continue reading

Morning Lounge – A Vintage Fair Preview

Wednesday is never easy. People try to pop around happy proclaiming Happy Hump day or other inane blather but to me, it’s like omg, the weekend – so FAR away. This morning I couldn’t be arsed to do more than lay about my house and consider getting up. Just consider it. Continue reading