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Even When You Cannot See Them


The shoes you choose are important. Even when you cannot see them, they are important. They tie your outfit together by unifying the different elements or they can add ironic punctuation by introducing a disparate element to your look. They express the mood of your outfit without saying a word. The Pickford heels from Ingenue say a lot. They are classic, restrained and yet have some exquisite details such as the way the strap splits into two and the tiny, neat bow. In most views of my outfit today, you cannot even see them, but I know they are there and that is all that matters.


Today I am wearing a gorgeous formal gown from Liziaah, an amazing designer who migrated to SL from IMVU and who I predict you will hear more of as more and more people become familiar with her designs. This is a lush formal gown with minimal fuss in the structure and maximal attention to details in the print – a gorgeous of flowers and lace that would have made Marie Antoinette giddy with delight.

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Not Your Grandma’s Porcelain Doll



I love how the ultra modern shape of this jacket with its extreme shoulder and the bold, urban cut of the pants with  zippered legs are merged with the ultimate in delicacy and tradition, the ancient art of  blue and white porcelain. When a designer can take such dichotomous threads and weave them into a coherent design, that’s magic.

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