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Just Red

This outfit mixes a corset from Deadly Nightshade with a system skirt from Little Rebel. I love the system skirt – especially since I made myself a skirt shape to reduce the big booty bounty so common in the regular shape with a system skirt.  Little Rebel is the epicenter of system skirt magnificence and smart fashionistas will make an occasional foray there to ensure they have a a few of the highwaisted system skirts to mix and match with short tops and corsets.

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More Ivalde Love

Okay, this is probably bad form – blogging a freebie that is no longer available, but I wanted to highlight Neferia Abel’s generosity as well as show you how simple accessories like a belt and a shrug can change your look.  This was a fairly vampish sheath, but with the shrug, the sleeveless vamp quality is dialed down and the modishness is dialed up. You see, any freebie from Neferia is just as well-made as her regular items and could just as easily be on the wall with all the other items for sale. Not only that, but she she has given an item a day during Christmas Advent season – this particular dress was an Advent present from 2007.  Her group members often get one free color of her new releases (or they did when I was still a group member) I had to drop the group a while back because of space issues, but still remember rushing to get the free color and perhaps one or two other shades when a new dress came out.

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Michelle Obama has excited the fashion world this past year and has often been compared to another first lady, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, because, like Jackie, she is a fashion trailblazer. With hypercritical attention of the press, most First Ladies opt for well-known established designers and safe colors and designs. Michelle Obama’s choices on Inauguration Day signaled in two ways that she is not going the safe route. First, she chose relatively unknown designers, not opting for the security of an old design house. Secondly, although the silhouettes were classic and certainly safe, the fabrics and colors were bold and adventurous. My choices for this outfit offer an homage to the brilliant color coordination and experimentation she offered for the historic event.

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How's About a Free Dress?

posted by Gidge Uriza

Cajsa has been singing the praises of Little Rebel anytime we have to go somewhere that low ARC is appropriate, and sometimes just because she wants to. I was one of those people plagued by the SYSTEM SKIRT conundrum (they didn’t work if you don’t know – for some of us) so I never really saw the POINT of bothering with shopping at Little Rebel.

It almost seemed cruel to taunt myself with clothes I couldn’t actually WEAR OUT.

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Pink and Pucci

okay, okay, so the print blouse isn’t a Pucci, it sure makes me think of one. While wandering around Nique the other night, I wandered into Rahz and found a rack of great pop print tops including this one. One thing I cannot resist is a pucci-inspired print. No sooner did I ransack the store for more prints then I tp’ed back to the studio to shoot the luscious treasure.

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Hot Hair

When I saw Thalia Jie on Saturday, she was wearing the cutest hairstyle that I absolutely coveted. However, it was blonde so I didn’t just snatch it off her head and instead went to 0 Style as soon as my pixel feet could carry me. Now the style is named Prissy, but hey, designers can’t be perfect. You and I know there’s nothing the least bit prissy about the wild abandon, swing and movement in this hair. However, when someone creates hair this beuatiful, we can forgive a misleading name.

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I must be hunthausted because when I made a few attempts at the Pumpkin hunt today I could not find anything. Well, I found lots of pumpkins, but they were all decorative and not  Pumpkin hunt pumpkins on sale.  Oh, well, it’s not as though I needed anything and if I were smart, I would be reducing my inventory. I just enjoy how creative some of the hunt gifts can be. However, I am disappointed in not getting to air my huntastic low-lag outfit for the hunt.

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A rose is a rose

Kuri’s Style has many dainty and feminine dresses including a lovely 5L bargan that several other people have blogged. When I went to get that freebie, a couple other things caught my eye, including the sweet dress this top belongs too. The other outfit I had just taken off was quite similar so I wanted a different look and opted to dig an old skirt out of my closet to finish the look.

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Hello, We're the ARC Police

Weve Got System Skirts - And Were Not Afraid to Use Them

We've Got System Skirts - And We're Not Afraid to Use Them

Posted by Gidge Uriza

In the middle of a shoot the other night Cajsa and I both got the group notice that there was about to be a fashion show – in approximately 30 minutes. We decided we would finish up the shoot and then slip into something LOW ARC yet fashionably acceptable, and roll over to see the show. It was designer we both adore so we were really looking forward to it.

28 minutes and 147 hairstyles reviewed by Cajsa later we were dressed and ready to go. So we pop over to the show.

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Chupa Chup

I have no idea what Chupa Chup means, but it’s what Sissy Pessoa named this lovely dress (one I got at her half-price sale) and it sounds fun, so let’s run with it.  It’s bright colors and wild stripe pattern so reminded me of candy that when I could not remember the name while saving to disk, what my mind came up with was chuchui. It was a tad chilly so I added a shrug from Little Rebel and went with some ankle boots from Novocaine.

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