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Casual Friday 5 – Don't Ask Why I Picked 5

posted by Gidge Uriza

Oh It’s FRIIIII DAY! And I have no idea how many casual Friday posts we’ve done between us so I picked a number! Because I can!

I’m a bit gleeful at the weekend having arrived, can ya tell?

Okay to start my weekend off right I’m wearing……OH YES……From Don’t Ask the Casual REVECCA by Miffyhoi Rosca! Super casual for hanging out with my friends but cute at the same time! Continue reading

Just Dance, Gonna Be Okay…..

posted by Gidge Uriza

Having these Lady Gaga inspired shades dropped on me by Emo Biedermans was just the push I needed to get over to Little Heavan and pick up their hair I’ve been coveting forever.

I had just gotten my look together when I got invited to a party for the grand re-opening of Myth so Cajsa and I popped over there, in fact to JUST DANCE. Continue reading

Hunting for Kisses

So I succumbed and spent a few hours hunting for kisses last night. I found some lovely items that I thought I would show in case you want to look for them too. One of my favorites so far was a Euphoria Fashions – a box with this lovely top in four colors, pants and shoes and possibly more. I sort of lost track in the generosity of the box. I love this top and will definitely make it a keeper.

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Bold & Beautiful

While shooting the new Efe skin from PXL Creations, I decided to feature one of the bolder pair of pants in my inventory. From Stitch by Stitch, these Valeska pants come with a sweater as well, but I opted for a blouse and sweater vest instead. If you are feeling sad and weary, if the world’s troubles are getting you down, go to Stitch by Stitch. It’s such a happy store with bright vibrant colors and patterns that will lift even the mood of such a notorious grouch as Ebenezer Scrooge.

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A Sunny Day

Hart Larsson from PXL Creations has made a lovely skin for black avatars.  One of my real-life friends that I brought into Second Life is African-American and has lamented the state of black skins in Second Life many, many times. It’s not that black skins don’t exist or that no effort was made to create beautiful skin. She described it as the skin having the wrong undertone so that it looks flat. She also said it was often too light or too gray. When Hart sent me a bundle of promotional copies of this new Efe skin I tried them out and think they are what she was looking for.  If she weren’t pregnant and a few days overdue I bet she would be camping outside his store waiting for their release.

Normally I would not wear a black skin because putting on a skin does not bring with it the experience and culture that it projects. A white person role-playing a black person could easily transgress with inappropriate stereotypes, cultural appropriation and even blatantly racist role-playing. I think nearly all of us have seen this happening in SL with some of the “gangsta” avatars. However, I did want to highlight this fabulous skin and shot it in a few outfits inside my photosphere.

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With her head tucked underneath her arm

Okay, I confess this costume is right at the edge for me. It’s the beautifully made Horror Gore dress by Haunted Zuzu. It’s well named. The dress is viscerally quite horrifyingly bloody. Add the little effect from Little Heaven and the gruesomely lovely skin from MiaSnow and I am thinking I may have quite firmly stepped over the edge.

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Quick Look: Tuli & Teal

I am having one of those days (leaving the ATM card in the machine, walking away from the coffee maker with the pot while the coffee pours through the filter, biting into a sandwich at one end while the contents slide safely out the other) so these photos and style notes can stand on their own. Suffice it to say I like the look – love MG Fashion’s Maria Fat Pack and dip into it regularly and think Tuli’s new skin is smoochaliscious. Continue reading

Wherein Yak & Yeti Go Crazy

Every once in awhile a fashion notice will pass by that makes you go hmmm. That’s what happened on Sunday when along came a notice from Yak & Yeti announcing everything in their store was now free. See, when you see a notice like either think it’s poor products, it’s a trick or, if you cynicometer is running low, you think you need to check it out.

So I did and it’s not junk and it’s not a trick and yes, you need to check it out. Yak & Yeti offers traditional Nepalese and Indian clothing and jewelry as well as adorable shoulder pets. That panda  at Yak & Yeti almost tempts me into shoulder pet-keeping. I got some wonderful jewelry there, including this ruby Bollywood set. Included, but not worn are two styles of nose-ring and a stone for the forehead. To wear with it, I decided to become a Dancing Queen. Continue reading

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch…

While Gidge is off vacationing at the Bates Hotel, I thought I would laze about in this cute little outfit featuring a great new shirt from Ce Cubic Effect and an old skirt from our mutual friend Miffyhoi Rosca. This is the first skirt Miffy made, and she made it in red, green and brown plaids. Being an autumn-loving person, I immediately fell in love with all three. When I put on my new shirt last night, I immediately knew Miffy’s skirt would be a perfect option. Continue reading