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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?


How do you solve a problem like MARIA?
How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
How do you find a word that means MARIA?
A flibbertijibit, a will-o-wisp A CLOWN!

Many a thing you know you’d like to tell her
Many a think she OUGHT to understand
But how do you make her stay
and listen to all you say
How do you keep a wave upon the sand? Continue reading

When The Bat's Away…

posted by Gidge Uriza

Elusyve Jewell:Hot Girl/Girl Action Follows Us Wherever We Plurk.

There she goes
Shaking that ass on that pole
bumping and grinding that pole
The way she’s grinding that pole
I think I’m losing control…

We ’bout to have a party (Turn the music up)
So let’s get it started (go ‘head shake your butt)
I’m looking for a girl with a body and a sexy strut
wanna get it poppin baby step right up

Tonight I want a slut, would you be mine?
I heard you was freaky from a friend of mine… Continue reading

Saleya from Sascha's Designs

posted by Gidge Uriza

Perfect for hot summer nights, Sascha’s Designs releases SALEYA in a rainbow of beautiful colors for your romantic ballgown needs!

With slim colum style skirt options, this wonderful train which I paired with a floofy skirt option, as always Sacha lets you wear it the way that works best for you.

I always love Sascha’s work. She never disappoints in her girly wonder that she sends!

Style Notes:

  • Shape – Gidge Custom
  • Hair – TRUTH – Grazia
  • Dress- Sascha’s Designs – Saleya
  • Skin – Laqroki – Tasha

Sexy In Slink

posted by Gidge Uriza

My friend Ersatz is such an attention HOAR. I swear. I was gonna post this on Monday after all the July4 shenanigans but I thought she’d pop an aneursym stamping her well heeled feet if I didn’t post STRAIGHT AWAY.

Plus you know, when shooting with her, you have to put up with all her SELF-ASS Admiration which is VERY distracting

Ersatz Charisma smacks that fine ass. THEN smacks yours too.

You see what I have to put up with? Continue reading

A Day In The Life of a Very Spoiled Kitty

posted by Gidge Uriza

Yaaaaawn Stretch. Hiyas everyone. You all have Callie Cline to blame for my transformation into the most spoiled kitty on The Grid. I just went over to buy a couple of dresses, but there it was, the tail by Psychotic Neko for Callie Cline and the diamond Nekoture ears…….and I was hooked. Come on, how could I not love something THIS girly?

I thought I’d torture you and make you follow the glammiest, prissiest kitty ever around for a day. There are even two SUPER SPECIAL GUEST STARS in today’s post, but you gotta WAIT for them!

To start our kitty day, we need a bath. NO, we are not afraid of water. As long as the water comes from a fancy roman bath…….quit staring, you bum lookers.

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A Day Just For Me

This Excellent Picnic Bag from Dark Mouse Is A Must Have!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’m away for a couple days but thought I’d leave you with where some pictures I shot a few days ago. I was completely in love with this bag from Dark Mouse that I found while prowling around her store.

Since I had just received the tank top and jean shorts from Kawaii I decided it was high time to spend some alone time someplace beautiful! Continue reading