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Who's The Foxy Moron NOW?????

Im With Stupid

I'm With Stupid

posted by Gidge Uriza

My friend Delilah loves to go to the reggae bars. She’s hunting that perfect rastafarian to help her find peace with the universe I think. I wanted to go out with her one night, I brought her to SL but like so many people you bring in world……she wandered off into her OWN new world and we don’t hang much. I wasn’t sure what to WEAR to a reggae bar. I mean, I haven’t been to one in world before.

I decided something colorful was in order and I hadn’t worn this pretty set from Foxy Moron yet. Continue reading

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night…..

posted by Gidge Uriza
But then, it’s always a dark and stormy night in the shopping alley, now isn’t it?
Cajsa and I rested our high heel loving feet for a few in the cafe, enjoying the ambiance, and generally sitting around looking pretty.
My prettiness was courtesy of a big old box of goodies from Layniewear I received several days ago. Sleek,hip summer fashions and a fun hairstyle too.
One of my FAVORITE features of the release of this button down shirt from Layniewear is the collar option feature. Attach it to your spine or CHEST – which allows you to choose whether to wear a necklace – LOVE this! More designers should consider this – I spend forever on the dressing stand attaching things to some alternate spot so I can wear jewelry. Not so with this GREAT shirt! Continue reading