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A Day Well Spent

Oh god is it time to wake up already? No, it can’t be. I’m so tired from yesterday. I cannot believe how busy I was in SL yesterday, I think I did all the things. Ok well some of the things. Continue reading

Boy Shorts & String Ties!

I received a fun little swimsuit from Kunsthammer today – actually a humongous package of several colors on every layer with two options for the bottoms – an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini and these boy shorts with the lovely little belt and string ties. Now for some reason, the string ties attached about half a meter from my hips, but that was an easy enough adjustment as they were lined up in every other orientation. What made this such a serendipitous folder of goodies is the the other folder of goodies I received from Ryker Beck of Genesis – her new Candace skin which she’s packing into vendors and setting to launch. The way that dynamo works, I bet they will be out before this is posted.

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