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MiaMai’s Monica Outlander has just released her Luxe collection for spring. It includes a dress, top, pants, jumpsuit and long skirt with items coordinated to mix and match. Items include a HUD that allows you to choose the belts, ribbons and other embellishments so you can coordinate tops with skirts and pants easily. I am wearing the Kalia top with the Anya skirt and chose the ribbon to coordinate with the skirt’s print. Each item comes in solids in cotton and silk and in a range of prints. I love the thought that went into the print and color coordination. Speaking of color coordination, check out the gorgeous gold-tip mani/pedis from FLAIR for Cosmetics Fair.

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Fashion and Furnishings


This gorgeous new Belted Dress from Gizza demonstrates how much textures affect clothing. Giz Seom made this with a casual, everyday argyle as well as this glamorous club-hopping snakeskin. The argyle has a turtleneck collar as well while the snakeskin has a jeweled necklace that I decided not to wear – going for something simpler. You can see the options from the vendor picture below.

GizzA - Belted Dress Colors


Meanwhile, The Arcade has inspired me to have a vacation home in the mountains. The lodge from Scarlet Creative is a snug, small little cabin which is what you want. You don’t want such a big vacation home that you spend all your vacation cleaning. I have been decorating it with lots of items from The Arcade, including the wonderful ISPACHI wood carvings. There were some excellent electric signs from Seven Emporium and you can assume what you will about the one I chose.

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Be My Monster Love


Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I DJ’ed at The Velvet. I put together a set that was about all sides of love, the sweet hopeful love of Valentine’s Day Lovers and the doomed and bitter love of the anti-Valentine’s brigade. It covered many genres and was altogether great fun and good music. Also great fun was this short dress from Legal Insanity, a Valentine’s Day gift. I generally don’t wear graphics on my clothing, but this appealed to me and seemed too perfect for my set to wear anything else.


Maybe I should have shot a close-up to show the fabulous booties from Baiastice. These were released at Shoetopia, but they will be fresh for a long time with their immaculate construction and gorgeous studded heels.

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Like a comet, burning bright and fast


What makes someone a style icon? It’s not simply beauty or looking chic. There are hundreds of beautiful, well-dressed personalities who will never become a style icon. On the other hand, there is the somewhat louche Vali Myers, the bohemian artist and dancer. Not a conventional beauty, her artful dishabille and raw elegance inspired no less than four collections in Fall 2013, from MiuMiu and Prada to Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton.


Monica Outlander was also inspired by Vali Myers. The connection makes sense. I can see Myers influence in Outlander’s own artwork. You can see an example of Momo’s art in the background of this vendor here. You can see some of Myers work here. This top and pants are called Vali in Myers honor and convey the elegantly undone bohemian aesthetic that is Myers iconic contribution to style.
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Like a House Needs a Door


The post title has no relationship with my photos, but it seemed a good companion to Gidge’s post today. There’s a song called House Without a Door, a jazz instrumental, but the mood of this song is more in sync with Pharrell’s Happy.

My dress today needed a stunning setting, so I headed over the The Chamber Society’s new dance club, The Sable Club. In keeping with the rest of the village, it’s a Jazz Age venue rich with period detail. My dress is more modern, in particular when seen from behind where its dangerously low back is revealed.


The dress is from Delirium Style – a special release for The Style Icon, a fashion fair organized by Legal Insanity honoring the icons of fashion past and present. I am looking forward to seeing who inspired the designers and how they interpret and reimagine their inspiration.

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On Project Runway All-Stars this season, Viktor was warned away from his green dress by mentor Zanna Roberts Rassi who told him you never see green on magazine covers because it doesn’t sell. Awww.Poor Viktor only has green so he’s sunk. Green is my favorite color so I had to wonder about that. I realize it is not the easiest color to wear. If your skin has yellow undertones, some greens can make you look jaundiced. Still, it’s just a matter of seeing how you look in the particular shade, a bit of trial and error, and anyone can wear green in one of its many hues. This mint is fresh and springlike, full of new life and optimism. I added a fur wrap from Bliss Couture which is still going out of business. I know it’s been a long closing sale, but on the off chance she shuts the doors soon, you will want to stock up on her fur accents and hats before they are gone forever.

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Tokyo Blues


Jazz and blues music have long been popular in Japan where Japanese musicians have worked hard to transform and adapt these uniquely American musical forms into something new. Jazz musicians do not want to be the Japanese version of Sonny Rollins or John Coltrane, but find their own unique language of jazz. For example, Ryochi Hattori the rhythms and harmonies of jazz with the pentatonic scales and folk melodies of Japan. So it’s a pleasure to find a lovely Tokyo little blues club in Second Life. Thanks for the tip, Whimsy!

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Testing SL to Flickr Snapshots

I thought it might be fun to test the direct to Flickr® photography in Second Life®. Since I wanted to shoot this fabulously minimalist dress from NYU which is on sale for Fifty Linden Friday, I thought this was the perfect time to try it out, cutting out the intermediate steps of cropping my photos in Photoshop and uploading them to Flickr. It seemed to work fine, though the text limit cut off my credits and I had to rewrite them. I just specified 3000 by 3000 for size to get a square picture and lined it up in SL. Since you can see the preview, it’s just a matter of refreshing until you get it framed the way you want it before uploading.

Testing SL to Flickr Snapshots

There’s a fabulous mesh jacket from Compulsion at FaMESHed that is designed to work well over your mesh tops and dresses. It works perfectly and comes in several colors.
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Art and Fashion


One of the most shocking moments in Project Runway history was when Nina Garcia declared, “Fashion is not Art. Stores are not museums. You go to stores to buy clothes. You do not go to stores to look at clothes.” Seriously? Her fashion credentials should have been revoked then and there. Also her membership in the sisterhood. Has she never gone window-shopping? Has she never gone “shopping” with her friends just to look?


Marc Jacobs also declared that fashion is not art, though his argument was more cogent and fully-formed. “Fashion to me is not art because it is only valid if it is lived in and worn. I make clothes and bags and shoes for people to use, not to put up on a wall and look at. I think clothes in a museum are complete death. I have seen exhibitions of the clothes of Jackie Kennedy and I am not interested in her wardrobe. I am interested in the life and the women who wore those clothes.”


Of course, the answer to that question depends on how you would answer the question “What is art” If you define it as static and inviolate objects separate from function and use, then fashion cannot be art. If you define it as the combination of craft and materials in a creative expression of ideas about form and function, then fashion is clearly an art. I think, however, that one Alexander McQueen dress is also a definitive proof that fashion is art.
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This month’s Collabor88 theme is hibernation – that urge to stay home, warm and snug and sleep through the cold, bitter winter. Today is a rare snow day in Portland and I would love to hibernate at home, but I have to go out into the cold.. Brrr! I ran out of time to blog before the bus arrives, so I hope you like the slideshow.

Store info at Blogging Second Life
Poses: MaVie
Skin: -Glam Affair – Mokatana skin – America 01 D
Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Eon eyes Duo Green (med)
Lashes: Lelutka
Mani/Pedi: SLink Mesh Hands & Feet with FLAIR mani applier
Hair: *Dura-Boy*37(Sienna)
Clothing: ISON – asymmetric tank dress (cloudy)
ISON – oversized infinity scarf – (frosted pink)
ISON – raw hide vest (frosted pink)
Shoes: (Kunglers) Celine pump – Jeweled ED – Sand
Jewelry: (Kunglers Extra) Nirvana Earrings
(Kunglers Extra) Yara necklace – Silver