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This month’s Collabor88 theme is hibernation – that urge to stay home, warm and snug and sleep through the cold, bitter winter. Today is a rare snow day in Portland and I would love to hibernate at home, but I have to go out into the cold.. Brrr! I ran out of time to blog before the bus arrives, so I hope you like the slideshow.

Store info at Blogging Second Life
Poses: MaVie
Skin: -Glam Affair – Mokatana skin – America 01 D
Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Eon eyes Duo Green (med)
Lashes: Lelutka
Mani/Pedi: SLink Mesh Hands & Feet with FLAIR mani applier
Hair: *Dura-Boy*37(Sienna)
Clothing: ISON – asymmetric tank dress (cloudy)
ISON – oversized infinity scarf – (frosted pink)
ISON – raw hide vest (frosted pink)
Shoes: (Kunglers) Celine pump – Jeweled ED – Sand
Jewelry: (Kunglers Extra) Nirvana Earrings
(Kunglers Extra) Yara necklace – Silver

Keep It Simple


I completely fell in love with this coat from Topazia even though I am wearing it without its fur cuffs and collar. It comes in 9 lovely colors and is styled to easily wear over a dress or skirt. The collar and cuffs are typical prim fur with the typical alpha glitches that only disappear when viewed from the right direction. I thought the coat looked more chic and modern without them. However, for a more luxe look you can certainly add them. For me, I will go with the clean lines of the simple mesh coat.


As you can see, it’s not lacking for design details that define it as a high end coat with the caplet bodice and the lovely bow. The dress, worn a size smaller peek sour where it should and not where it should not. The little handbag from Cherry is delicious.
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Shoe Art at Shoetopia on the Last Day.



Shoes like these from BSD Design Studio are not for the faint of heart, but for the daring. They are works of art – as surely as anything in a gallery space. In fact, they deserve galley space. These are from BSD Design Studio where you can always find bold, innovative haute fashion designs. Since the advent of Gos auto-tinting and Slink appliers, I have become spoiled and resist having to tint feet, but it was worth the bother to put these lovely shoes on.
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I Was Enchanted


I went shopping at Enchantment, the big new fairy-tale event that opened this morning. Of course, since I was shopping, I was not wearing any of the items, but I did pick up a few that you will soon see. I just wanted to share my observation that the sim design and execution for this event was pretty wonderful. I loved that the vendors were so unique and idiosyncratic. There was no uniformity which meant it was visually interesting all the time – even when the products were not to my taste. Though of course, far more was to my taste than was not. I spent more than I should have – but that is how events work. They beguile your eyes and enchant your hearts and put a open spell on your wallets.

I wore this gorgeous coat and capelet from Kunglers. It has the warmth and comfort for shopping outdoors – which is where Enchantment is. You will have to explore, not everything is laid out in a straightforward path like most events. Snow drifts and trees obscure parts of the build, giving you beautiful settings that reveal bit by bit the enchanting items for sale. It’s beautifully done and worth exploring right to the top of the mountain.

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Autumn is My Favorite Season


Autumn is always the best season of the year back in Minnesota. Spring was wet and muddy, summer hot and muddy and winter dry and frigid. But the autumn, the weather was perfect – dry and sunny days, perfectly cool and fresh. The brilliance of the leaves changing, the birches to yellow, the sumac a rich burgundy, the maples a fiery orange and the basswood a deep mustard. This riot of color would play against the deep greens of the pines and the firs, a rich patchwork of dark and bright colors that, for me, was always the most beautiful palette of the year.

This dress from Kunglers calls that fall palette to mind – the flashes of leaves among the Norway Pine and Black Spruce with the golden tamarack and burgundy sumac and the olivine hemlock. Just looking at it makes me feel a little homesick for where I grew up.

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Patience Is Underrated


Everybody knows the old saying “Patience is a virtue.” But how many have internalized it? How many people actually practice patience? This thought comes to mind frequently in Second Life®. I suppose it’s because we get seven days in a 24-hour period, so we expect everything to be seven times faster. Impatience is a systemic problem and it does not serve people well. Being a fashion blogger, of course I see most impatience in that world – with creators and with bloggers.

As a blogger, I cringe with embarrassment when a new blogger after putting up her masthead and clever name and writing an introductory post sends mass notecards to designers asking for review copies. At that moment they have an audience of one – and that one does not want to buy anything, does she? I blogged for six months before I got my first review copy and that was unsolicited. I did not feel I could ask for review copies until I had my blog on a couple feeds and knew it had good exposure to make it worth their while. I set a goal of 300 unique visits per day before I would approach anyone for review copies. That took seven months of patience, but it was worth it. When I asked a designer if I could blog something, that designer would know that I was dependable because I had proven it with time and patience. I would recommend bloggers put a minimum of three months into blogging with regular blog posts before even thinking of approaching a designer.

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This may be a dress, but


This may be a dress, but I cannot see myself wearing it that way. I don’t mind short, but if I don’t have to bend over to show off my panties, well, it’s a tunic, not a dress. But what a tunic! I love its simple lines and modern aesthetic. It zips up the back for a snug fit and the small center pleat gives it just the perfect bit of swing. I love everything about it once I quit thinking of it as a dress.

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What All the Fashionable Gladiator Are Wearing


One of the dresses that entranced me at AVENUE Fashion Week was this one from Zanze. It’s called Clarice and features a bodice made of chain mail with intriguing triangle cutouts where the bodice meets the waist of the leather shirt, a scintillating little detail that makes the dress. It is so very fun to see these oh-so-masculine and martial materials being employed in a very feminine form, in a dress that except for that telling detail at the waist, is very traditional in its silhouette.

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I Am Afraid To Go To Her Store


Diaxm of Ariskea has released such fabulous gowns for both the Spring/Summer and the Fall/Winter AVENUE Fashion Week’s that I am afraid to go to her store for fear I won’t have a single linden left to my name. Not one. This crop top and full length skirt are certainly contenders for my top five outfits of the year. I love the subtle autumnal ombre, the heavy silk fabric, the contrast of form and fabric with the ball gown skirt and the cropped tee that should not work but does. The look exudes confidence and insouciance pleasure in fashion.

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I went to the Zanze show at AVENUE Fall/Winter Fashion Week and fell in love. I had heard of the designer Zzoiezee, but as the owner of Zenshi, the zen-centric residential and commercial complex and the big club Zenzibar. I had no idea she was a designer as well. That’s the big benefit of Fashion Week, discovering new designers that really speak to your own aesthetic and she does. I will show you more in the coming days, but first I had to share this lush gown with ruffled tiers of autumn leaves. It’s just perfect.

Autumn leaves under frozen souls,
Hungry hands turning soft and old,
My hero cried as we stood out there in the cold,
Like these autumn leaves I don’t have nothing to hold.


Zzoiezee resists the impulse to embellish and knows that extravagance in one place must be balanced by discipline elsewhere, so the bodice is pure simplicity, making way for the exuberant tiers of rich, vibrant autumn color. This can be worn with or without shoes as she provides two alpha options. I chose to wear the lovely python shoes from Kunglers in a deep red. 

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