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My picks from Hair Fair 2011 (and a new fab skin!)


Here are the hairstyles I (me, the picky one!) liked the most at the HF, the ones that made me go “wow!”, the ones that met my crazy taste. And yeah, something else made me go “wow!”, it’s the latest release from LAQ, a beautiful freckly skin that I’m wearing in the following pictures.

My picks from Hair Fair 2011: (R E D) M I N T
(R E D) M I N T: Hair No.11
Wild. With hud for the colour of the feathers.

My picks from Hair Fair 2011: (fashionably dead)
(fashionably dead): Flying Fortress
Join the adventure! 😛

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Back to the Jersey Shore


The Jersey Shore is such a fun sim, I had to run back for some more shots. As you can see, I am standing by The Hammer on the Midway – waiting for some guy to come along and impress me. Sadly, the sim was noticeably man-free that day. I guess I will have to hit the Hammer myself. So long as I don’t get any grease on my summer white little skirt from Whippet & Buck. It’s amazing how filthy those hammers get when they aren’t hitting anything other than the game.

Honestly, the Duck Hunt is more my speed. I always liked the Duck Hunt even though I understood the game was rigged and there might not even be one winning duck in the mix. That doesn’t matter when I have such winning shoes as these square-toed shoes from G. Field. With a touch script to change the trim and to turn off the version 1 invisiprims, these shoes are style and inventory win!
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Shocking Pink

Culture Shock has inspired so many designers to go all out with color and creativity to raise funds for Médecins Sans Frontières. That link takes you to their page about the Culture Shock event, something I know is an important element in establishing the bona fides of a Second Life charitable event. I really love the new dresses from Kunglers and there are 5 color options. What makes this even more fun is that the prints area different, not recolors, but completely different prints. This is the abstract dress with a cerise skirt and tank and a pink print blouse over it.
Yes, we have options!
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Diamonds & Gold


Chantal - a magnificent gown from Sissy Pessoa's new collection.

The broken glass
And the rusty nails
Where the violets grow
Say goodbye to the railroad
And the mad dogs of summer
And everything that I know


The opulent steampunk castle at Elonia seemed a perfect place to shoot the diamonds and gold.

What some men will do here for diamonds
What some men will do here for gold
They’re wounded but they just keep on climbin’
And they sleep by the side of the road

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52 Weeks of Color – Plum


I don’t know about you, but my first impulse when I put on a sleek and silky dress is to rush right out in the snow for picture-taking. I am not alone in this as you know if you, like me, enjoy looking at all the pictures from other bloggers.


When I put on this gorgeous plum colored gown from Donna Flora, I immediately had to ask the seals at the lovely Winter Solstice sim what they thought of the riotous roses on the sleeves and shoulders. They approved.
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In the Forest

I love the Forrest [sic] Nest dress from Boudoir for many reasons – in particular the lush forest  green color and the intricate cutwork lace in the bodice. My mother taught me this lace making technique and I could spend three months making insets for the upper front bodice. Of course, it could be machine made, but it has the look of hand made lace. With it I am wearing the glorious Whiskey & Wheatgrass necklace and earrings from Balderdash.

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With Love & Squalor

So, is With Love & Squalor a great name for a pose store or what? It’s says melodrama that should be serialized on afternoon TV – and you know that any soap star worthy of the name has a repertoire of dramatic poses. And soap stars worthy of daytime Emmys have natural looking dramatic poses – and Love & Squalor is Daytime Emmy material. I had never heard of the store before the Pose Fair – which highlights the value of these fairs for shoppers and creators – bringing in new customers and introducing new stores and raising funds for charity on top of that. That’s a win-win-win situation.

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