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Oh, that Randy Jackson

Val Mesh Leggings

When Angie Mornington plurked this picture with the comment, “Oooh Randy Jackson Victory Tour pants! I might get these.” I thought for sure I would get them, if I could get the mental image of Randy Jackson wearing them out of my head. Really, I had never noticed that Randy Jackson was into clothes that much. Mainly he was into saying, “That’s pitchy, Dawg” Whatever, the mental image of him in these pants was not a good one. Turns out she meant a different Randy Jackson.

King of Pop Michael Jackson dies at 50

Now that makes sense.

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Fall Into Collabor88

The new round of Collabor88 is set to open imminently and the fall is upon us. I couldn’t resist putting the fun, fall bazaar inspired jacket dress  I’m ready for fall, the summer has been one long hot experience. Continue reading

The Phone Rings At 7 Am…

I had this blog post planned. A couple of Arcade items, an item from Acid Lily, some Collabor88 – a well rounded event post. I’d shot it over a couple of days, dorking around with lighting, realizing after ten shots I was on medium resolution (this explained a lot).

Then my real life phone rang.  The cellphone in my pocket rang – and I looked at it with dread. No one calls you with good news at 7am. No one. It was Cajsa and I knew why she was calling.

You probably know it too, our friend Giulia, SL’s Squinternet Larnia had died. Cajsa was calling me to let me know, so that I didn’t read it on the internet that a friend had died. Continue reading

Raid My Halloween Closet


In another installment for the Raid My Closet challenge, I dug way back to Halloween’s past (2008) for this Katatonik Day of the Dead dress. It’s survived dozens of inventory purges simply because I love it – even though there’s not much chance to wear it.
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One of the things I’ve learned in four years, is that you can never be sure that everyone GETS everything. I’ve been asked a couple of times recently if I knew how the boot polishes at GOS worked, so I figured HEY BLOG POST.

Cuz I have a blog.

So first off, take yourself to GOS and buy yourself some boots or shoes that have the boot polish system available. For my example I’m going to use the 8 hole DOCS.

They look like this, only smaller. Continue reading

Little White Thailor…..

I rarely do the $50L Friday thing.. but last Friday it was almost midnight and I found myself with nothing to do… and two giggly girlfriends and we decided to run around SL … dragging Blu with us… (poor guy) and I found this store…. and O… M… G… I fell in LOVE!!! Katat0nic!
Just look at this adorable sailor outfit!
White Thailor 1

Isn’t that just adorable?
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Embracing The Bubblegum Challenge

Once upon a time, I showed up at my friend’s palace (yeah only SL can I start a story this way and you not even blink), with purple hair. I’d been hair shopping, and the response from my friends was “Why is your hair purple?”  Continue reading

Menswear Monday Kicks OFF NOW!

Gabe Bookmite and I are proud to bring you the first ever MENSWEAR MONDAY sale event at AMIRA. More vendors than I can properly count (seriously just ask them, I totally forgot to put carts out for everyone, I’m lame) and nothing over 100L! Great stuff for the guys, or ahem, the girls in guy AVs.

I’m totally wearing boy pants! From FEAR AND CLOTHING – the YEH YEH tartan roll up pants are awesome on boys and girls. I’m not wearing the cuffs because I suck at editting prims. Forgive me Johnnny!

It is my opinion that both boys and girls will find good things at Menswear Monday Today!

Here – Take a ride!


I’m wearing:

  • Shape – Savoir Fare – Gidge
  • Hair – Truth -Aiyanna – Grape
  • Skin – Belleza – Erika – Pale 4
  • Tattoo Makeup – Sn@tch – Freckled Makeup
  • Pants – Fear and Clothing – Yeh Yeh – Roll up Tartan Pants
  • Ink – Katonik