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My Slink Obsession Makes Layering Easy

I picked up this gorgeous jacket at Vintage and Cool – a vintage clothing fair held last year. I loved the beautiful lace and leather jacket and the lovely details, but had not found the opportunity to wear it – but when I put together this outfit focusing on some of the wonderful finds at My Slink Obsession, I remembered it and pulled it out of the closet. The lovely nail polish is from Stellar at My Slink Obsession.
150704_007The outfit really begins with the Somnia Cranial Trim top which was released today at My Slink Obsession. As with everything made by Sanura Snowplow, the quality is exquisite. The hand drawn textures in the bodice are beautiful and, by the way, are the reason I chose the jacket. The last picture in this post has a close up that lets you see how well the straps on the shoulders are done. That is where you can see the difference between the good and the excellent. Somnia is excellent. The only reason I do not wear it more often is she works with a much softer color palette than what I gravitate towards – for me, I generally go for prints and strong, bright, saturated colors. But coral? Well, coral is one of my favorite colors and is one of the universal colors that look good with every skin type.


I shot the pictures outside ISON. I love this sim so much.
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Culture Shock Without Borders

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Culture Shock is bearing down on you with the force of 1000 Fashionistas all clamoring to get in, to get the new, the exclusive and while they are at it, do a little good by donating to Medecins Sans Frontieres. That’s Doctors Without Borders to you non Francophiles.

As a Second Life community of shoppers, clubbers, gesturetards and so called fashionistas, we are a global community of privilege. Even the most broke ass of us seems to have a reliable high speed internet connection with which to connect to our pixel life and live out whatever our fantasy du jour is. (Mine is to be blonde and skinny. Please catch up.) Continue reading