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O Admiral, My Admiral

My apologies to Walt Whitman.

Last Saturday, I saw Uma’s marvelous post with the My Admiral Jacket from Milk Motion. She is one of my favorite bloggers and someone whose originality and fashion wit brings real joy and elan to the feed.  I have never met her, but certainly get the impression that she is what we call “nice people” in my neck of woods as her blog is always positive and a delight. When I saw that jacket I knew I had to have it and seriously, it was a struggle to take it off. In fact, I wore it in two outfits back to back.

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Boho Love

I love the Boho look – in particular, I love the dichotomy of so much embellishment and decorative effort put into casual wear. I love how Boho looks back to the past, but uses it in contemporary ways.  This begins with the fabulous embroidered satin blouse from Muism. The texturing and primwork are exquisite and it comes in several colors. I love the antique gold color in this one..and I knew the perfect shoes and pants to go with it.

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Looking for Gold

The other day I was shopping at Adam N Eve, looking to see if their made their wonderful high-waisted leather skirt in gold as well as silver. They don’t, I want. I wanted to wear it with this top – a blouse I love with reservations. It’s a gorgeous design, I love the intricate black on black embroidery and would wear it more often if it were not sold on only the jacket layer. I would like to tuck it in sometimes.  I would like to wear it under a jacket sometimes. It’s a constant refrain from those of us who write about fashion, give us more layers. Continue reading

Belly-dancing at Zaara's

So I went to Zaara’s new sim tonight, eager to see what someone with her eye for texture detail, depth and love of warm, vibrant colors would do with an entire sim to play with. Oh my! Please give her more sims to decorate. It’s beautiful and vibrant and lively and I had fun exploring… and dancing in the dance hall across from the main store. Just click on the carpet and you will be dancing as well as Salome.

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