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Isle of Mousai


I went to the Isle of Mousai to shoot the pictures for my last blog post. It is a live music venue and also a brilliant setting for photography. Billing itself as a place for music and romance, I can definitely see its appeal as a fun and funky place to go. I think my biggest complaint was the left/right distribution of the tables on the sidewalk here – which meant I had to meander from left to right to walk by them. No problem on a quiet sim, but I wonder how easy it is when the sim is full of music lovers.
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Risqué Business


I generally don’t wear clothing that is super revealing, but I just loved this Spiky Fur top from Gizza – even with all the side boob and boy, oh boy, is there side boob. I had to wear it a couple sizes smaller than usual to keep it from revealing more than just the side. But isn’t it fun? and sexy? and irresistible? I had to wear it. It comes in black and white and I am sure you will be seeing the black one sooner or later. It comes in two pieces, the tank which is kept from blowing in the wind by a thin tie along the sides – so if you fit it right, it will be secure. The second piece is the fabulously wild shoulder spikes. I imagine you could wear the black spies with the white top and vice versa for even more flexibility.

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