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Sail Away, Ladies!



Summer fashions often feature the crisp red, white and blues of nautical fashion.  U.F.O.’s gorgeous little top for Collabor88 put me in mind of that with its white stripes. The top comes with a HUD allowing the wearer to choose an array of colors for the straps and so of course I chose red. U.F.O. also made matching skirts in several shades of denim, each with a print option with lips all over it.  I think the outfit is adorable, which is why it was worth the trouble it took to get it to fit.

I had one difficulty with this outfit in that I had to do a lot more than minor tweaks to my shapet. I had to significantly reduce my body fat and shoulder width, all trying to reduce the size of my arms so they fit the sleeves. I don’t mind adjusting a shape a little for a brand, though. I simply save a copy with the brand name, so I will have it on hand the next time I wear something from them. So now I have a new Cajsa UFO shape tucked away in my shape folder.  Continue reading

The Sum Of Its Parts


Before mesh, folks often took the top from one dress and the skirt from another and made something new. In my view, one of the unfortunate down sides of mesh is the prevalence of one piece outfits that can not used for parts, so to speak. So, I was so pleased to see the Romantic Rendezvous outfit from Gizza came in parts that I could use to mix and match.

Gizza - Romantic Rendez-Vous Colors


As you can see from the vendor ad, it’s actually a bodysuit  with a ruffled peplum. Produced with a system top, mesh shorts and prim ruffles, it gives the user the change to play. This was particularly great because I was going to DJ some old classic jazz and wanted something more “me”.

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Take a Chill Pill



I am sure more than one person feels like telling folks to take a chill pill, but luckily this month that phrase won’t be a rude dismissal and instead is the very wise and sound advice sending folks to Collabor88 where the theme is Chill Pill and the colors and aesthetic are Nineties Brights. Perfect exemplars of the Chill are these bangles and the necklace from Maxi Gossamer for Collabor88. The fun and funky nails with the googly eyes are from FLAIR. They even have a narrow stripe of orange down the outsides.


And I am mostly decked out in the chill clothing and accessories from Collabor88. The top, skirt and belt are a single piece dress from VinCue. It comes in a range of colors, full of the fun of mixing wild colors together. It’s perfect for hanging out at the It’s Only Fashion blog office.

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Signs & Signifiers


I am wearing the “I See Your Jealousy” dress and jacket from Countdown. Look at the amazing texturing on the jacket which fit so well, I did not bother with the alpha. It demanded a stunning avant-garde hat and I dug this SL-vintage hat from Nardcotix out of the closet. Sadly it is no longer available, but you can find great hats in many places now. 

I got signs and signifiers that gossipers and liars
twist me every way they wanna go.

What looks like a raging fire are your dreams and desires
ending up like ashes on the ground.


Please note how the inner lining of the jacket is textured so it looks good from all directions.

If you’ll consider me a chance
to falter through a dance, 
then the other ones may just leave us alone.

I made a nearly sacred vow to never ever do without 
and be with you ‘til our time is running out.
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Falling Upward: This Dress Is Made of Antimatter


While scientists at CERN have been designing an experiment to see if Newton’s apple might fall upwards, they results are in. Scientists at Peqe Laboratories have already developed a method of collecting antimatter without annihilating the planet and proven that yes, indeed, antimatter does fall upwards. How else to explain the anti-gravity powers of the Nine dress from Peqe? What keeps that dress up? Anti-matter, obviously.

While noting that this dress does almost miraculously fall upward, it does have a couple of issues that make you trying the demo particularly essential if you are one of those people who will not adjust your shape on single digit. She kept the alpha as small as possible, so you will probably need to adjust the torso just a bit. I had to reduce my cleavage a bit, making the breasts a little farther apart so there was no alpha showing along the neckline. In certain poses, a bit of skin pokes through right below the bottom of the neckline and at the back of the skirt. It is perfect 85% of the time or so, but there are a few poses that break through. The only option for 100% coverage is making the alpha disappear the entire body under the dress. Some designers and fashionistas like that, some prefer the body to remain as whole as possible. That is solely a matter of personal preference, not good or bad design. Antimatter can make it stay on the shoulders, but it does not fix everything.


You might have thought that it was held up by the back of the dress, but see…It’s clear that it plunges past normal bounds both back and front and would naturally slide off the shoulders and bare far more than is Safe for I Heart SL if not for antimatter. Continue reading

Hiatus No More



My computer is back! New logic board, new graphics card and new adapter. I actually got it back last night, but then my wireless router when fuzzy and I could not access the internet. It almost made me feel as though the internet was picking on me. However, it’s fixed now and I am back. It felt good to log in and put on a new outfit and freshen up a bit. I even did a manicure, using the new polish applicators from FLAIR.



I picked up this jacket and skirt last month while I was hunting around Mimikri for a good jacket to wear with something. This jacket did not work for what I needed at the moment, but I loved it and the skirt that coordinates with it. Actually, I pulled the jacket from one color set and the skirt from another just to have a little extra contrast, but for folks who like their jackets and skirts to match, they can buy them in matching colors, too.  I love the prints and the casual elegance of the styling. Continue reading

And so it goes…

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 8.56.41 AM

Well, my computer went wonky this morning. Each photo I shot crashed my entire laptop and turned my screen to a jumbled mess of multi colored pixels, so it is off for repairs. Fast repairs, I hope.

Meanwhile, I got a couple snaps of this outfit that features a gorgeous sleeveless top with gorgeous collar points on the collar. The folder comes with your choice of gold or silver collar points (or tips). I chose silver because the belt on the pants is silver, too. Collar points are more common in menswear, in particular Western style clothing. At one time no self-respecting country singer would be found without collar points.

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Teach Me Something: Planning


I am ready to plan with my notebook and laptop tucked neatly into this fabulous tote from BSD Design Studio. The fun and flirty skirt is from the brand new store, Lacuna. it comes in all sorts of happy, stripey color combinations.

Strawberry Singh’s Teach Me Something meme appeals to me. To be honest, I do not do a lot of the memes and challenges because what with all the weekly challenges from colors, to Disney characters, to concept challenges to these weekly memes, a person can easily lose track of their own blogging and become just one more iteration of the various weekly themes. However, this meme is particularly fascinating. I would love to learn about skills people use in their real lives – and get an insight into their interests and passions outside of Second Life®.

In my professional life, I probably spent more time planning than doing. After all, there were lots of volunteers and members for the doing, carrying out the plans we made. I did all sorts of planning: planning for conferences, board meetings, dinners, auctions and other fundraisers; planning lobbying campaigns to pass legislation, planning electoral campaigns for candidates and for ballot measures, strategic planning for long-term growth and development. All these kinds of planning have unique challenges, but there are some core elements that they have in common. That is what I thought I might teach.

How to plan.
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Sometimes I Feel


The lovely button-front shirt is from Kunglers. The jeans are from The Plastik, they come in more colors and prints than I can count. I suppose the lyric is maudlin, but Mother’s Day is a hard day for me. I miss her every day, but some days are harder than others. 

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
A long ways from home
A long ways from home

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Float Like A Butterfly


Can anyone wear yellow and black and not have at least a passing thought of bees? While this dress from Les Petits Details is far too lovely to sting like a bee, it does float beautifully. Combining system layers, mesh and sculpts, it was designed to cleverly take advantage of each element of clothing manufacture. Continue reading