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Love Donna Flora in Dots


There’s a fun little polka dot dress with a balloon skirt at Les Petits Details cart at Love Donna Flora. I love how the top is gathered, creating a mirror of the bottom in shape, though not in size.  Continue reading

It’s Never Just Hair


Today is the last day of Hair Fair, so that means it is Bandana Day. Today we take off our hair and wear a bandana in solidarity with all those who have lost their hair in their struggles to live with illness whether from cancer or alopecia or whatever. Hair Fair exists to provide hair for young people who have lost theirs and the proceeds go to Wigs For Kids. Think about how stressful it is to go out on a bad hair day, now how many more times more difficult would it be with no hair? Supporting Wigs for Kids will help them put an end to bad/no hair days.


The floral bandana from Lelutka sent me on a mission to mix florals, but in such a way that they worked together. The dress from Decoy for Collabor88 has such a soft tone on tone pattern that is almost seems like a solid in contrast to the bold scarf.

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So Love Donna Flora is now open. Frankly there is so many wonderful things I am overwhelmed trying do decide what to buy myself. This dress from Ghee for Love Donna Flora was an easy choice for me, though, being my favorite color. Also, Ghee is a new-to-me store and that is always fun. The dress is alive, can you see the sparkles?



I am showing you the back so you can see that it enhanced with a big bow that drapes down the skirt. And look at it sparkle!

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Sunday Brunch Quiche


So, I am not going to write about quiche. But this post will be a quicky and my college roommate pronounced quiche as quickie, so it has come to have an entirely new context for me, especially as she used it in the sentence, “There’s nothing I like better than a good quiche (quicky).” And of course, she said it front of a big bunch of people. Anyway, I am super busy getting ready for Love Donna Flora, so this post will be a quiche.

In my last post I mentioned that I loved this top from The Secret Store for Collabor88. To reiterate that point, I am wearing it again. It comes in several prints and they are each and every one luscious – as luscious as a good quiche.

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Polka Queen or The Joys of a Library Card


I love this top from The Secret Store for this month’s Collabor88 so much. She produced several optiongs, but only one polka dot. Its bright, happy print made me go full polka and I dug out this skirt from Maitreya to wear with it.

Have you ever wondered why a print with dots all over it is called polka dot instead of simply dotted print? Do the textile workers dance while producing the cloth? Allemande left and a dosey doe? I am the type of person who wonders these things, wanting not just to know what something is called, but why? The best source for answers to these kinds of questions is the Oxford English Dictionary to which an individual like me could subscribe for $295/year. On my budget, that is not going to happen.

Enter the public library card. Public libraries in general have gone digital in a big way and allow cardholders to log in and access their digital subscriptions. My library subscribes to the OED (though for a lot more than $295) and all its cardholders can piggy-back their access to use it as freely as if they have their own subscription. They do this with literally hundreds of research and reference sources — just about every major research service you can think of. All for free, all available from your home computer thanks to the wonders of your library card. So let’s find out why it’s called polka dot instead of dotted.

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Labors of Love


The things we do for love…Take this lovely dress made by Monica Outlander of MiaMai. One of the frustrating elements of living with cancer for Squinternet is that she would still love to create, she still has ideas and her imagination is still dancing along the runway of glamour and whimsy. The pain, though, of sitting at the computer and working prevents her from realizing her ideas. Monica understood that frustration as only another artist can and offered herself as an amanuensis for Squinternet’s idea, collaborating with her in creating this first MiaMai for Donna Flora dress – a new release at the Donna Flora store.
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Not Your Grandma’s Porcelain Doll



I love how the ultra modern shape of this jacket with its extreme shoulder and the bold, urban cut of the pants with  zippered legs are merged with the ultimate in delicacy and tradition, the ancient art of  blue and white porcelain. When a designer can take such dichotomous threads and weave them into a coherent design, that’s magic.

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Let There Be Luz



I was searching on Marketplace, on the hunt for a jacket. I have no idea why this came up in my search, but I am happy it did. It’s a lovely skirt and tunic mesh dress (one piece) from LuzieFree Designs by Luzie Cheng. While she has obviously been around a long time, this was my first time seeing her work. As you can see, the looks is summer cool and casual, loose and with thin, light fabric. I love the design and the print side panel. Some of the details are just amazing.

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My First Hair Fair Post of 2013


I slipped into this lovely ruffled dress from ISON, a simple summer dress enhanced by a loose ruffle down the front and short cap sleeves. It’s a lightweight silk perfect for hot summer days under the sun as in the undisclosed location I am visiting today. A belt adds definition, making this a sweet and sexy summer dress.

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Think of a Title




I started this post this morning, but got distracted and decided to relax, read a book and cuddle with Oscar, my cat, instead. However, back to the blog! I love this dress from Milk Motion for Collabor88 July.  It made with sheer floral tulle over a silk sheath with a serrated hem and sleeves. I love the color-on-color subtlety. I chose this nude version which is even more subtle than the many other color options you can choose from at Collabor88.
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