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Oh The Insolence

Insolence has decided to return to the land of the living MESH Lingerie that we can wear on our Maitreya bodies! Word on the street is that lingerie for Belleza and SLINK bodies are coming soon as well.

If you’re old enough you’ll remember Insolence as one of the best brands that stood the test of time but with the advent of mesh world their products got shelved by most of us. I’m very excited to see them back on point.

Eyes: Banana Banshee – Autumn – Purples applier HUD (wear me)
Head: CATWA HEAD Bibi V4.10
Skin: PXL Creations – Heidi
Lingerie: Dahlia Violet Mesh Bra – Maitreya – by INSOLENCE
Dahlia Violet Mesh Panties – Maitreya – by INSOLENCE
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Debra
Pose: Pretense

Rockberry – A Full Review Including Nakie Bits

Rockberry is a skin from my long ago past that I was excited to get a chance to look at via SKIN FAIR this year. I remember long ago, them participating in a hunt or an event and liking them enough to go back shopping. This was before the grid was plagued by nonstop events, of course.

This will be a full review with body shots after the cut.

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I Am Not Throwing this Hat Over the Wall


There is a old saying that goes “if you want to climb a wall, throw your hat over it.” In essence, make a commitment that puts some skin in the game so failure will cost you. That is good advice, Sometimes we need consequences to motivate us. However, I am not throwing this hat over the wall. I am sure I must have some ball cap somewhere that will do. This hat, one of several from Glam Affair for Collabor88, got me digging in my closet to add some zing to the zip of this cute little dress from Hucci, also from Collabor88.


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mmmmm…luscious red lips


Red lipstick! Red lips are the ones the songs are written about. One of the great musicals of all time can be brought to mind with just a single image of red lips. They’re powerful, bold and iconic. And they’re not for everyone, except today. Today is Red Lip Wednesday. Hopefully lots of us bloggers will flash our ruby red lipstick today.

Of course, nothing suits every person. We have our likes and dislikes. There are fashions I dislike and fads that leave me confounded and confused and asking why? Mostly though I shrug my shoulders and think to each his own. Certainly if we all looked the same and liked the same things, the world would be a much more boring place. So, let’s hear it for red lips! Here, there and everywhere.


I tossed this outfit together pretty quickly after shooting the wedding dress on Monday just before my set at The Velvet. There was no way I was dj’ing in a wedding dress! I remembered the gorgeous skirts from NYU for faMESHed. There were several colors and I loved them, so I pulled out another color. I dug around in my system clothing for something to wear with it and found this old top from Kunglers.

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Facepalming and New Hair

My pixel day started simply enough. Handwash some lingerie for Valentines Day and hang it up to dry, and then I thought “Oh Self, I’ll try out this new mesh hair from Exile and from Truth.” Because you know new hair = happy girl.

So I put on three new hairs that Exile has released, including Domino which is for the Juicy “Crush On You” event, and I was very oooo new mesh hair omg love it happy.

You know. You do it too so SHUT UP.

And then I put on my new Truth hair. And one went on nicely, and ONE DIDN’T. And not matter what I DID IT DIDN’T WORK. There were tears. There was invisible hair. I switched viewers. I switched back again. So I plurked it. After much discussion it seemed that a lot of the fashionistas were finding the Truth hair to be invisible. THIS SEEMED WRONG.

Until our friend Skittles piped up and said “You have to ADD the mesh and the Flexi.”


Yes the new Truth Hair JANEY you Wear one-either the flexi or the mesh, THEN ADD the other they go together. Yeah my avatar just turned five. Not my first day.

Janey is on the left, and is worth the facepalm. Totally.

Also I’ve been cruising marketplace. The Lingerie is FREE from Insolence, and you need the Candy Hearts Belly ring I am pretty sure. It’s like 10L and worth every penny. 🙂

Your Shopping List of Awesome:
Lingerie: Valentine’s 2012  by INSOLENCE – FREE on Marketplace
Shoes:  Sexy Pumps Stiletto *Diana* –  FREE ON MARKETPLACE
Eyelashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 4
Hairs: >TRUTH< Vicky w/Roots – swedish, Janey – Swedish
EXILE, DOMINO, Girls of Summer, Rivers Run
Wedding Ring: EarthStones Destiny Bridal Set – Gold
Earrings: MG – Earring-Lealao-Multi Agate-
Belly Piercing: Valentine Belly Piercing
Shape:Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin:-Glam Affair- Linn Natural – BL CLEAN
Eyes: classic – cosmic dawn (m) bright


First Shot: Using FILTERCAM from Mechanized Life

Shape Up for the New Year

“A Novel, in the end, is a container, a shape into which you are trying to pour your story into.”
~Helen Dunmore

I do admit I was very resistant to getting a new shape last year because I’d had mine forever and I love it and it was MEEEE and yadda yadda yadda.

But then, I tried on my shape made by Hybie of Savoir Faire (and our newest contributor here at IOF) and I fell in love. It’s amazing what a difference a shape made by someone with a brilliant eye for proportion and a great fashion sense can make. Continue reading