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The Clock Is Ticking Toward The TRUTH DISTRICT FALL EVENT

Truth District is bringing it this weekend and I’d like to say THANK YOU to Truth Hawks for recognizing my birthday by having a huge sale. It’s SUPER considerate of you, I’ve always known you are lovely. I’m writing you a thank you note RIGHT NOW! Continue reading

Hee Haw or I wasn't kidding about the boots.

Normally I would wait and post this in the morning, but since I have shown you Miffy in these old lace up boots in black, I thought you would enjoy the funny coincidence that we were both wearing the same boots, but in completely different styles. After a trip to magi take, I could not resist showing off my finds – especially since it reminds me of cleaning out the cow barn at my uncle’s dairy farm. This may be TMI, but I assure you it’s much more pleasant shoveling straw and manure than washing down the milk off the floor in the milking shed.

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Working At The Carwash!

Posted by Gidge Uriza

I’d had a full day of shopping and hard work looking for fashion goodies(I had been searching for shoes, I need fall shoes darnit), when Cajsa drug me off to wash her car! Geeez!

Ok, kidding – but she thought I looked like a tough girl in this outfit and thought the Car Wash was the perfect place to shoot it.  I got this super fun tough girly outfit from Indi and I picked it up on a hunt that Freestyle covered. I only own three things by Indi, all of which I got on the hunt and I feel a little guilty about that, because I just love all three items.

The delish thing about this outfit, is that it came with oodles of layers – including this hot lingerie layer……

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