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Dita Did It

While perhaps not the most famous wedding dress in the world, the Vivienne Westwood stunner that Dita von Teese wore for her wedding has got to be in the top ten – if only for its bold royal purple silk taffeta fabric. Impossible has taken on the challenge of recreating it in-world and proved that contrary to the name, it is possible.

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Mission: Impossible

Oh, wearing different skins can get addictive when they look this good. Today I am wearing another of the magnificent PXL Creations skins by Hart Larsson. The only post-processing in this photo is cropping – and yet the skin looks magnificent and the makeup is sultry, sexy and seductive.

The better to go with my Impossible dress, my dear. Yes, the mission, should I choose to accept it, is to wear the amazing Turquase dress from Impossible. I didn’t just accept it, I jumped on it. Continue reading