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It's Homespun

When my grandparents left Sweden, they left in a hurry. My grandmother was about to be arrested for an altercation with village’s minister who felt very strongly that an atheist should not be allowed to raise even her own children. Since they picked up what they could in such a hurry, they did not bring much, but one thing they brought was her spinning wheel.  The name of the new store Homespun made me think of my grandmother – who died more than 30 years before I was born – and the heritage of free-thinking independence she passed down. I never knew her, but sometimes I do feel such a strong identification with her independent tough-minded spirit. I got a letter from my sister yesterday and she mentioned that she just had that old spinning wheel reconditioned last month – Spinning Wheel Keep On Spinning!

This lovely little birdie cardigan is from Homespun.  Like most of the Homespun offerings, it makes me think of the everyday clothing of the simple life. Simple sweaters with hand-stitched embellishments, cotton dresses and sensible shoes. The clothing you might see in an Andrew Wyeth painting which made me want to shoot outdoors. Hopping around to interesting looking places I came across Sanada Go where I saw several people engaged in sword fights, but also found a lovely setting where you can rez for easy picture taking.

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