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More Ghost Hunting

Ooh, I am a terrible ghost hunter. I get stuck and hunt and hunt and hunt and cannot see what is in front of my nose. And I have a special “I’ll get you my pretty” for a few who shall remain nameless so as not to give too broad a hint. My the time I found the ghost with the run-around-and-hide-from-me script I was searching for a bang-my-head-against-the-wall gesture. By the time I found the tinted ghost, I was getting a little green around the gills myself. I imagine these folks tiptoeing around their stores giggling and cackling with glee as they placed the ghosts. Continue reading

The Great Pumpkin

You know what I said about being ware of Holiday-specific clothing that you cannot wear any other time of year?  Well, rules are meant to be broken, especially when ithe entire outfit is only 75L, made by Miffy, one of my earliest friends in Second Life and to top it all off, it’s crazy as in crazy cute. Continue reading

Pink Is Hot:Life Is Good

It suddenly occurred to me that because the only skins of Hatchy’s I have worn were the Demon and the Neko skin that you might think she doesn’t make everyday skins. I decided I would wear her Mimi skin to show you. There’s a reason I don’t wear Hatchy’s skins very often. She made my shape and it’s somewhat similar to her own. She wears her skins all the time, of course, and so when I put one on, I look very much like her. I don’t want to confuse Gidge: one SL daughter is enough. Right, Gidge? Continue reading


Another of the radically different and interesting skins my friend Hatchy has made is this Neko skin with hand-drawn fur covering the entire body. The first time she gave me a skin of this design, before she had completed all of it, she forgot to tell me what it was, so I kept waiting for it to finish rezzing.  I thought it would be fun to style an outfit for this skin – but not necessarily to make it Neko.  Indeed, my choice right off the top was the very un-Neko Baiastice. Continue reading

Demon Love

So when I received two outfits from Kunglers to review and saw that lovely black and white fabric texture in the Metropolli dress was, I was not surprised to see it reviewed several times over on the feed. It’s just that kind of fabric and that kind of dress. I decided to look at the other outfit the sisters sent me and a little black and white light bulb clicked in my head.  Why not toss the two outfits in a bag, shake them up and see what falls out?

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posted by Gidge Uriza

Throwing a house party last weekend (before my Red White and Blue madness week!) I was perplexed at which thing in my closet to wear. We were just having some friends over to Wang Manor for some dancing and fun, nothing fancy and no THEME and as I rifled through my dresses I remembed I had picked this up at Diversity the day it came out but hadn’t worn it yet!

I knew immediately I wanted to match up purples and gold – and these pansy earrings from Petal Meg were exactly what I was looking for. Pressed from real flowers, all of her jewelry is an elegant little piece of nature, and so unique.

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Retro Prints

Nothing can bring an outfit to life faster than a bold retro print. Take this cute little jacket and skirt outfit from Miffyhoi Rosca at H&M.  She sells it with a white v-neck crop top and it’s adorable. It has prim cuffs, collar and a bit of prim swing to the jacket as well. The attention to detail on the prim collar is stunning as you can see in the close-up photo below.  However, it needed some color, I thought, so I reached in the closet and pulled out this retro print top from The HUB. That spark of color just brought it all to life.

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