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When the Moon is in the Seventh House

I had one priority during last night’s pajama party/sneak peek at the Hair Expo. Come what may, I was going to find the incredible Kaori hair from Exile and snatch it up. And I did and thanks to that, you see it here in all its wild disarray. I am in love. 

So, the Hair Expo? Laggy of course, but hey, swimming and shopping at the same time must do wonders of aerobic goodness for your pixel heart. Overwhelming – so much hair and only one head. But we all know what it really is. It’s the Fashionista’s Big Rock Candy Mountain!

But that’s not all today, Stiletto Moody has new shoes though she’s only teasing up by letting us see them. They don’t go on sale until 6PM tonight. Still, a girls gotta look. Continue reading