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Sister Act

posted by Gidge Uriza

Heehee. Ok it’s true. I did IM the entire Bloggers Group that I could see Cajsa’s butt. It wasn’t my fault, at first we were discussing my goat – and we somehow ended up discussing her butt when she TP’d into my extremely organized and not prim trashy at all bedroom.

You believe me right?

Most of these things aren’t my fault. I don’t have sisters you see. When I was in college, other girls would say “Could I borrow this sweater/dress/jeans?” and I’d say “Ummmm, no. Get your own.” Continue reading


Posted by Gidge Uriza

Ok, I lied. I’ve got some red white and blue. But it’s cute. And for the next 48 hours you’re gonna see it. I promise you no whacky hats or nutty hairs.

Well, I mostly promise.

Americana from GYPSY SOUL is a great dress for those of you feeling patriotic but not in that “I WILL WEAR AN UNCLE SAM HAT WHILE SINGING ALONG TO STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER” sort of mood.

Cuz, that sound doesn’t actually have words. Continue reading